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  1. Gavin, maybe I had it (so I was shortlisted for 1st stage) but I do not have it now.. Good luck to those who are shortlisted for second stage yea Btw, they did send email to those who fail besides sending to those who passed.. I receive nothing..all are hanging in the air
  2. Guys, results are out.. So far I knew 30candidates are being called for 2nd stage test already. One of them is one of the first batch who attends the 1st stage test in June and one of them is from the last second batch(12th July batch which is my batch too )..
  3. Before they leave Thai? Have I miss out anything?
  4. http://malaysia.news.yahoo.com/afp/2008072...pa-cac1e9b.html
  5. Results will be on the air in 2 weeks time as the the first stage test had finished last Sunday if not mistaken.. Good luck guys
  6. Captain Nik was wearing the black color glove on the left hand? Great shots althought I'm not Chelsea fans
  7. They had just 'installed' it ? I didn't see it when I was there around 2 weeks ago..
  8. As i know, the last batch should be attending the test on 30th July but somehow I'm told that 19th is the last batch in another forum.. So Gavin, may I know what are you working as? Just asking out of curiosity anyways
  9. Jen Hau, when did you attend your first stage tests? I heard that the batch went on 19th July is the last batch and Capt Suresh mentioned that second stage test will be conducted next month..so guess the result will be released in one or two weeks time,hopefully Gavin, you are working as?
  10. Is there something on it's white coloured head? Seems like there is a row of red colour wording.. *edit : It's really there on the top of the cockpit after saw Iggy's reply
  11. That's our AK So how were the papers? Hard? I've forgotten what's the SPm standards la Check the airlines' official website of any airlines you want. Most of them are clearly stated on their sites and info given by them will always be clearer than that from us right
  12. Irni thanks yea..I only will be doing it on 12th of July 2008.. Imran you took the test last week?
  13. Walter it's just the first stage so it's writing tests including of few subjects' papers. Wilson thanks and see you soon in spotting :D AFAIK means? Yaya I'm surprised too. Cause I've been waiting for 4 months already. They send the same mail to 36 candidates including me. Thanks Yuen Are you with AK? Thanks Prashant Sure and thanks Simon..Good luck to myself too
  14. Reply to myself..I've been called up
  15. I saw this Jumbo take off again at the same day around 8pm something..it was parked beside Gate 13..
  16. Haha! Agree with you Iggy as I always see stars too
  17. Meaning that weapon kept at the private cant be seen clearly too?
  18. Wei~don't fool my friend la altho it's truth..the plane Jon waiting for in PEN that day..haha D Winn..welcome to MWings!
  19. Haha!! Thanks KS.. Any member card will be issued? btw my surname is ONG too..
  20. *** : " U've made the biggest mistake in year 2008" somebody said it that day hor
  21. Baim..the 70-300 mm still available? hehe
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