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  1. yeah, not a surprise, especially when they still need to perform needed works in preserving their aircrafts, paying leases, paying employee overhead etc.....
  2. too bad AAX A333 didn't join the fun due to their certification limitation, lse we would have seen AAX A333 joining the party with MAB A333s.
  3. i see... guess they haven't stretch their A333 enough for cargo ops in order to reduce the loss by sitting on the tarmac. pity them.
  4. https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/negative-shareholders-equity-has-market-watching-airasia-xs-next-step i wonder why AAX can't put their A333s for cargo purpose?
  5. most if not all VLAs will be flying into sunset if recovery doesn't come in on time,
  6. retrenched or furlough? it looks like airasia is chopping (not as subtle as cutting) capacity already if they gonna retrench the pilots.
  7. interested to know about why it kena rampas.
  8. important thing is the RAS has to be maintain as it is essential.
  9. “The seating will be similar to that of buses, whereby one person can only occupy two seats due to social distancing. To my knowledge, flights to and from Sabah and Sarawak are still being done by Firefly at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang,” Ismail Sabri said during his daily press conference in Putrajaya. firefly flying to Sabah Sarawak with their ATRs?
  10. was wondering, using non cargo aircraft i.e passenger aircraft and use it for cargo transporting purposes, is it better than letting the aircraft sitting on tarmac? i'm seeing cargo delays in the manufacturing due to current situation. and this thought flash across my mind.
  11. well, people seeing the potential of development in KK, like i said, timing. Oh, rasa ria resort, the majestic infinity natural beach with long long shoreline and soft fine sand. the very last time i'm there was like 15 years ago, i hope that it still remain as pristine as it is. By right KK shouldn't be the sole focal of development for sabah as the state govt should equally developing other city for the betterment of the state as well.
  12. to be honest, urbanization can't be avoided if there's a need arise, it's always timing that such needs arise. Sometimes, it's hard to juggle between the flora and fauna vs development sometimes. take a look at Tg Aru. I wasn't following the progress now, is it on hold? How i wish the old tg aru to be remain as it is.
  13. not that quite actually. i can agree to the point that the road infrastructure can be better but then it will not replace the necessity of RAS in east malaysia. And i do believe east malaysia should be treated better in terms of infrastructure. Anyway, even with the budget used for road infrastructure, we still need RAS for East Malaysia. I think it is still worth while to use RAS rather than a specialize road accessing to places like bakelalan, long pasia, Kapit.
  14. usually people didn't see the importance of air flight service in East Malaysia due to the lack of knowledge about how remote some area is. I don't mean to be mean but some people in peninsular just didn't know how difficult to move around fast in East malaysia especially when there's emergency happens. Oh by the way, i live in peninsular as well. But i do know a bit (though not much) about east malaysia. i remember how D7 is born by obtaining the AOC with operating the RAS and end up giving up after a year operating it (despite with the subsidy from govt), leaving a bunch of fokkers in bad condition back to MASWing. So, something that is not really private sector able to cope with like example the RAS in borneo. Because it is basically a public service, and burning money to do so. it will never profitable in any measure (in totality). Anyway, cheers everyone. Stay safe in this period.
  15. ini la kongsi raya rakyat jelata malaysia.... sounds crazy right? while people focus and some blaming the tabligh event, yet still some of them practicing the same level of ignorance by doing gtting involve into large crowd.
  16. with singapore border control step up for covid19, i think Airasia flight from KUL to SIN will be heavily affected.
  17. people nowadays looking at how fast that thing can be deployed and fielded, they no longer looking at how long that thing will last. we are now into short life cycle and economical solution (as compared to long life cycle and pricey solution), an example, old CRT TV vs new LED TV.
  18. nobody can be certain other than their internal people
  19. then they should focus on the high expenditure item other than cutting 10% on senior management salary and tyield no result. this is well agreed.
  20. if the company having good earnings and healthy balance sheet, it wasn't an issue paying high amount of allowance to senior management, when it is not, the senior management must lead by example before chopping the lower tier for cost cutting measures. too bad, MAS was chopping the lower tier as oppose to trimming the higher end ones.
  21. looks like their senior management is well paid, imagine a 10% pay cut will able to cope with the covid19 impact. as compared to Malindo's up to 50% cut.
  22. same thing goes to anywhere in malaysia bro. take a look in penang, after getting world heritage status in 2008, i can see commercialized buildings sprouts in the town. i think penang should be similiar situation with KK now due to the COVID-19 effect.
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