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  1. Yep…you could be right… the original forum topic link is; http://groups.google.com/group/alt.games.m...684685e7eb3fc22 By reading the post I thought it was for real…until I saw the image! Indeed…very creative touchup image!
  2. Something funny and out of mind… Could be the version of converted model from the Imperial Shuttle Tyderium in Star Wars series!
  3. farewell to the national carrier paint scheme...really missed so much the default MAS logo at F50... Hey...but what about the twin otter fleets?
  4. Keep on pouring Nick...congratulation! buddy
  5. Glad...at last I'm in the right thread forum...I'm in progress of designing WMKJ using GMAX for FS...yet it's halt due to lack of image resources, hope more pic from WMKJ spotters to boost my project. M.O
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