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  1. Can drop my 10 sen bet for the special delivery, again?? Are the Two Blue Aerolineas Argentina parcel ready to post to South America??hehe
  2. Is been long time not spotting and post a picture, will be my 1st spotting post for this yea. hehe After leaving 1315LT, she return to AFB sharp 1600LT. Too bad, haze hampered me but okey-lah 1st time catch her... Any1 notice the word "Experimental" on front right door? Any idea? Others, youngest in FY fleet Thank you for viewing.
  3. Nice photos there Hon Kit, good to see 14L runway picture again after sooooo looooooong absent.
  4. I follow this thread. I still don't have an ample time to record every MH fleet record. Will do 1 day. Keep this thread alive as far as could
  5. 1st time see IL96 . Fuselage like B777 but with 4 engines. Nice photos from KIX. Thanks for sharing.
  6. 3rd time delay/postpone... I dont think this will become great event to follow anymore. too bad.
  7. Thank you for sharing the photos... I wish JS will stay here for long time... I wonder who is the app. 70 pax from Pyongyang?
  8. In case if you like to download and keep for record http://aci.110mb.com/
  9. So totally CANCELED? No flight from following week which is suppose be on TODAY?
  10. "Duduk dalam Kelas Pertama lagi berbaloi-baloi..." Doing charity is good no matter the "price" amount need to pay but does it sound too much? Fly with same flight number for those who pay for MYR1,218.67 (as today fare)?
  11. Lovely.... Nice night shot by TA and others...
  12. Can/t see any tail sign at Hangar or end of RWY somewhere around 1845... So mean we get 2nd chance to spot her again soon??hehe
  13. An Antonov-124 in the town now. Any of our friends here get her landing today? Believe she sleep at Subang tonight.
  14. I'm not googling the reg. yet but is this aircraft belong to Transmile? Any news about them at SIN? Thank you
  15. Only on Xray-Alpha right? No 1 on XB and XC yet so far kan? Like your picture Jason. Nice water splash. Well, at least Taiko show beauty of FY B738 even from belly. hehe.
  16. No news about last "piece" of 9M-rego MD-11?? There are at least 4 more B747 around MAS MRO-centre right??
  17. As this evening, the tanker still at front Airod hangar. But I wonder why at Airod instated RMAF AFB? I like your picture MdSaleh, friendly crew. Rarely able to capture military personal "behave politely" in front spotter.
  18. Nice photos there guys... The Thai belly sudah karat kah? (corrosion?) Photos from Mr Chaity?please.. Happy holiday and Gong Xi Fa Chai to all Chinese members.
  19. Opsss ....any password and usersame can be shared to open the link above? Thank u.
  20. Is the AK a/c taken from recent accident at KCH?? Belly touch tarmac tuh, full load kah?
  21. Does this slaughter bird activity did by KLAS or outsiders contractor? Who gaining $$$ of it?
  22. 23/01 is Sunday and day-time, will be there...long time not spotting. Thank U Samsyuri.
  23. Ohhhh active cargo plane than pax there...hehe... Any chance PEN gonna get FedEx B777F??hehehe. Any idea where do the 3 Fedex heading for? Keep spotting culture alive bro Yusoff and Wilson...
  24. Ian, ur 1st pic look like the FY fuselage "kemek-lah", could be angle-lens-trick. hehe. Anyway congrats to Ian & Wilber. Last of 1st batch of FY ATR72 expected to arrive new home on 31st Jan 11.
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