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  1. Maybe MH thinks it can feed EU Profitable traffic as it has a competitive 1 stop advantage compared to the ME 3 minus Qatar. But, still there's alot of competition CZ/CX/KE/NZ via the USA/SQ/TG. BNE was BI's only profitable route in their network when they cut it, apparently the frame was needed because of some Melbourne Airport deal. SQ gets it good because they own part of VA hence the feed.
  2. Hoping EK or QF pick up the slack. Higher chance of the former doing BNE-KUL. On the topic of South East Asia to Brisbane. TG/EK's loads from BNE to BKK or SIN aren't that good. Would be nice if EK 432/433 stop via KUL then SIN. From several friends, plus looking at loads EK 432 / 433 between BNE-SIN aren't that stellar. MH's reputation hasn't been that good in Australia which has hampered their ability to capture AU origin traffic...
  3. My list Qantas 747-438ER (VH-OEE) BNE-SYD QF 8 Qantas 737-838 (wl) (My first ever 737 flight!) VH-VZD Qantas 747-438 (VH-OJT) SIN-BNE QF 52 Jetstar Asia Airbus A320 9V-JSI/JSO SIN- KUL KUL-SIN Emirates Boeing 777-300ER A6-EBG EK 433 BNE-SIN
  4. MH needs to be more like KLM. They do not need F other than the A380 to High Yield Destinations i.e London and Paris. Business should be lie-flat but doesn't need to have direct access. KUL is not a hi yield destination. They could also look at AC and do what they are doing. The Y passenger will always look for the cheapest seat. Whilst I suggest not D7 standards, a Y which is maybe 31-32 inch to seprate itself from D7 to get the high yield Y pax. Y Plus would be good. I wonder is MH should change their name to Malayan Airways and repaint all their 777 straight away (SQ 6 precedent) .
  5. How about AK consider an A320 service KUL-DRW-ADL service? They won't need as many seats to fill.
  6. Nope D7 will never get traffic rights for MEL-ADL.
  7. In all honesty short term pain is better than long term pain. Whilst the new CEO may be way more expensive than his predecessors it will be cheaper than paying in the long term of several cronie CEO's who have no clue what they are doing.
  8. https://www.flickr.com/photos/flyingisthebest/15262481921/
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