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KS Ong

EP-IAC - The Only Commercial 'Special Performance' SP

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Because of this simple message over facebook, the whole world went crazy, including some of mwings members here and ask the million dollar questions, When is the last commercial SP flight and when it will last fly to KUL?



And so, we approach Iran Air and proposed our plans for the SP, similar to our Biman's coverage, before the SP is withdrawn from revenue flights and retires by 23 November





Classic Iranian design feature wall.



Because of US government 'allowing' Boeing to sell 'some and limited' parts to Iran, the SP's life span was extended and went for 'C' check earlier than most of us expected. The 'Farewell Flight' organised by Iran Air and their appointed travel agent, became a 'Sight Seeing' flight. It was confirmed by Iran Air later, that the SP will continue flying revenue flights after the 23rd.


It was an uphill task for us, planning and replanning, meetings after meetings with Iran Air, MAB and DCA as there was no firm info when the SP is officially scheduled for KUL sector. We took a chance and yesterday, we went ahead with the coverage after getting necessary approvals, not knowing whether the SP or the -200 will be flying in.




The usual airport pass collection and we are to be escorted by the auxiliary police whenever we go.





Hon Kit, can't wait to snap snap as we stepped into the aerotrain.

HonKit1_zpsa8ed745c.jpg HonKit2_zpsf4c5746f.jpg


Before we arrive at the Satellite Terminal, lets take another wefie.



The weather was great, blue skies, bright sun and what could possibly go wrong...



Flight DELAYED!. Original ETA was 1040 and New ETA was 1210. So, we went for coffee and chilled-out.



Over to the other guys.

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We drove towards AK's old hangar to position ourselves for its touchdown. We were relatively too early because the plane was delayed to around 12 noon. Plenty of time for testing shots. :pardon:





You don't get to see an aircraft in your car's side mirror everyday..... :wub:

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Very good efforts guys for making this happen.

2014 is certainly a hapenning year for KUL spotters. :clapping:

Keep the photos coming !

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It was never easy from the start. Many emails and meet up with Iran Air Malaysia, MAB and DCA just to get approval from all parties.



Ong and Azahan together with the manager of Iran Air Malaysia



Weather was perfect that morning. Looking very positive! :pardon:




Introducing airside crew, taiko Azahan and the little bit overly enthusiastic David :friends:



Mr humble Edi and MWings CEO Gavin. Gavin looking menacing there! :diablo:


Before our target arrives, we have to practice some shots... test shots


Airasia over the grand canyon



Royal Brunei baby Airbus... if only they send in B787 :nea:


At 1210, the Jumbo finally comes in...

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Good job guys - another MalaysianWings EXCLUSIVE! :)
Love the "custom numberplate" ! :drinks:
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She was late. Nothing new.







The two had good Saturday.




Testing testing....The heat haze was unfortunately at max. :finger:



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It was a hot day. Clear skies but the temperature and humidity were torturing. And the heat haze at the runway was at maximum.


But the 'kick' of spotting and the passion for aviation prevailed.



She was on final at 12.12pm. The worst time to spot. :wacko: But it was foolish for me to complain. Because, regardless of her limitation, imperfection and age, she turned up as promised.




Proven beyond one's imagination that she and her dependable engines, remain reliable. Bravo! :clapping:

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Gavin is ready to go!




She was chasing us! We were still in Edi's MPV!



Then.... someone decided to switch off the light...




Towing someone special out from SAE hangar




I think she does not need any more introduction




Dugong decided to come out for sunbathing




50, 40, 30, 20, 10!!!!




The is how premier league looks like! Carrying 2 camera body with 3 L lenses.




Taiko Han checking out how handsome he is before someone special arrive




And finally she is HERE!

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As the aircraft landed, taxi pass Anjung Tinjau and coming towards gate C12.

Here's video of her arriving to gate.



Thanks for sharing!


What's with the crunching noise??

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6 Dec 2014, gloomy morning. Usual suspects were going for Gate C12 for another mission.



Rules to observe on Airside



Another session for .....



Early prep and stategies to get the best angles



More to come from others

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Yup, 6 Dec 2014. A second coverage. This time, I was positioned at airside.




Adjust to 720 or 1080p.

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I was the last to arrive. Both of them were already at the 'stop' spot.




Unlike on the 3rd, she was on time that day.




Love that nose!

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