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  1. Anybody manage to capture photo of MAB A350 in WBKK today??
  2. Saw google got Old thai a310, but im not sure either a310 or a300 that operated to bki. If not mistaken Singapore Airline also using A310 for bki route those days. p/s Sorry i dont know how to quote reply. Wrongly edit
  3. If not mistaken early 90s Tg used A310 to BKI
  4. For your information tmr 29th May flight MH2639 will be upgraded to Boeing 777-200, i just check in my flight and suprise that the seating is Boeing 777-200 and not Boeing 737-800. Depart time is 9,05pm. Hope u guys can capture some picture since we seldom see wide body in bki
  5. KOTA KINABALU: Six people are believed to be injured when a Twin Otter aircraft belonging to MASWings, made an emergency landing in Kudat at about 3.30pm. Police said the aircraft which was carrying 16 people, appeared to have overshot the runway and ended up near a vacant house in the nearby Kampung Sin-San. It is learnt that six people were injured although the extent of their injures are still unknown. Malaysia Airlines in a Press statement later confirmed that it was their aircraft - DHC6 9M-MDM MH3002 operating from Kota Kinabalu to Kudat which was involved in the 2.50pm incident. "The aircraft landed short of the runway in Kudat." "No reported fatalities as of now. Focus of the airline is on the rescue of the passengers and crew." "We will continue to monitor the situation at the crash site and update the situation," it said. Read more: MASWings' Twin Otter aircraft crash lands in Kudat - Editorial - New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/opinion/editorial/maswings-twin-otter-aircraft-crash-lands-in-kudat-1.372766#ixzz2hJ6JqnvK http://www.nst.com.my/opinion/editorial/maswings-twin-otter-aircraft-crash-lands-in-kudat-1.372766
  6. LOL, it really looks like a pistol.
  7. Sorry for the poor quality, only using camera phone to snap. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. Sorry for the poor quality pic, only using hp to snap
  9. Is there anymore big fleet flight from kk to kl now?
  10. Yes no more Ak flight from bki - lbu since mid Jan 2009. I sat few times before and the flight not even half full.
  11. no wonder all my monthly domestic flight from bki-sdk, bki-twu change to a320
  12. I was in AK5836 from Tawau that day....plane delayed 15mins. I din get to see that airbus a319.
  13. Gemilang-Jaclyn Victor, This Love-Maroon5, Never Had a Dream Come True-S-club7 , 心太软 -richie ren...i only remember these few songs.
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