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  1. Yeah, That's him. Yeah, I still with THAI. And I think so with you about Mr.Quack.
  2. Thailand Spotters & Mr.Quack @ Queen's Garden Resort roof top on May 2008 (19R morning approch).
  3. If you want to stay near the airport I found 2 hotels near 19R approch (for morning) Queen's Garden Resort (19R approch) I reccommend you to stay in bldg.1, 4th fl. Pls mention at front office that you are plane lover, maybe they can give you a room in the best side to see any 19R approch (no.415 is the best) www.queensgardenresort.net Convenient Resort (19R approch & 01L take off) www.convenientresort.com At both hotels you can spot from your room's windows in low price.
  4. The post Office also located inside a/p perimeter, any approch shots you ever seen are from outside a/p (maybe over 400 meters) In late November or early December BKK almost ops rwy 01, what kind of picture do you want? (for 320s : take off -> 300mm+ & approch -> 200-300mm)
  5. Spotting isn't illegal in THAILAND but from AOT policy you cann't take photos without permission from AOT inside a/p area. That mean you can spot from outside a/p fence only. And before you visit pls inform us, maybe we can go to spot with you (surely safe) cos some places we cann't post to public (to avoid problems in the future). THAILAND SPOTTERS page on JP.net http://www.jetphotos.net/members/viewgroup.php?id=80
  6. Anyone going to Bangkok/DMK for second chance?
  7. Hi, I am from Thailand Spotters. Spotting @ Thai post Umm.... I don't reccommend you to spot ther cos sometime a/p patrol coming ,and not sure which RWY ops @ Mar if 01 you will in wrong side. for Phuket in late winter let's go to the beach (hope you wil in corrcet wind) & remember be careful sometime patrol going to the beach. Regards, PROMPONG J. / THAILAND SPOTTERS
  8. I Absolutely Agree, Like me in last month with Thai Airways Special Photo Mission @ VTBS.
  9. Next time if you need an extra photographer from BKK you can call me na...
  10. Sawasdee from BKK, Kanehoshi. Maybe this link below can help you. http://www.tunehotels.com/LCCTTransit_Kual...r_Malaysia.aspx
  11. Sorry that's a B737-400 not A320.
  12. serials "20318" visible (in THAI numeric number) on the nose of huey.
  13. Many thanks to uncle for correct me, that's my mistake. In 2010 RTAF open house @ DMK will be 09/01/2010. (I hope it on civil side @ cargo apron again)
  14. Every year Thailand children's day will be on 2nd Sat. of Jan , that mean RTAF open house 2010 will on Sat. 9th Jan 2009
  15. This is behind the scene shot after the RTAF's opened house 2009 end maybe you are inside this pic
  16. Report from my friend who got service journey to do a business @ SIN in early DEC'08. as from his room on higher level. A380 Parked in his Garage with rwy action from his windows
  17. Pieter, I guess we miss yr flight cos we stay at wx station between 1400-1415 before rain coming
  18. Sorry about quality cos we went in wrong time (rain rain rain) A320 Flyyeti.com PS. Thanks for Kelvin ( Kevin Teh told me might be Kelvin B ) who help us from rain at weather radar.
  19. Hope to see members of Malaysianwings on Sunday. PS. We stay at Concorde Inn on Saturday 28th (Jakkrit, Prompong, Tek)
  20. He He... How can we call for MWings private taxi services on Jun 29th ?
  21. Can anyone help us for spot on Jun29th ?
  22. Right, JKSC. ANA had an agreement eith TG to send ANA's aircraft for maintainance here in DMK.
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