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  1. 4th daily flight? can they fill the flights? would this mean more profits or more losses? .....
  2. bumper issue for Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year??
  3. What would be the seat width for 10 abreast in B777 and 9 abreast in B787?
  4. In the last 4 flights I took over the last 2 weekends from KUL to KCH return, I had one flight in the 734, one in 738 (the 30-row ML series) and two in the new MS series. The cabin certainly looks much superior in the MS series. In terms of seats, I noticed that the new MS seats are slightly higher (or it was just me feeling it?) and thereby makes the 30 inch pitch a bit more bearable compared to the seats on the ML series where they "sank" a bit, and my knees hit the seat in front of me, thereby made it very tight, coupled with the 29 inch pitch. If only, if only, the seats in the new 738 are 32 inch pitch.... dreaming la...
  5. LOL! If the seat pitch is 36' for the 2 rows of emergency exit, plus Row 14 pitch of 32, that would give you 104' - that's LONGER than SQ's suite Point taken Never been in SQ A380 Suite before (nor likely ever will do) so unable to gauge what level of exaggeration was applied there
  6. thanks so much for the details. I wonder if we would ever know which series we will be on - i guess we have to depend on lady luck!
  7. May I ask how many configuration are there for the 737? I have taken at least 4 different ones in recent months - the old 737-400 (with horrible seat colours), the 737-800 (ex firefly), the 9M-MS* series with BSI, and yesterday, the 9M-ML* series. Seat comfort (not to mention the service and meals) is really inconsistent throughout these flights
  8. It would be interesting to see how many types of meal selection will be available in economy class!
  9. I think there should be sufficient pax. There are high number of daily flights between KBR and KUL/SZB. I met my fellow Kelantanese on every flights everywhere (the loghat kelantan is very distinct!)
  10. If MH can get Y class product right, why can't they get J and F right too? .....
  11. Agree that the colour scheme was awful - at least MH got the colour scheme right for the new A330, IMHO
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