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  1. The in-flight facilities of domestic MH is still bad with the 734 and old 738 serving the major domestic routes. I'd still go for OD.
  2. Maybe we should make a poll on a MAS overhaul instead. Should it be done? or should it not? I think it's time... They can't continue running like this. Once a proud 6-continent airline, now deteriorating.
  3. A350s for MAS maybe? An A333 wouldn't do much in the long run. They need fuel sipping planes, and fast.
  4. I've flown 6 times already this year. Not even one 738 with IFE. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY? I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE OPTED FOR MALINDO FOR THE RECENT FLIGHTS.
  5. Protect Malaysia Airlines? Where is the guy going with that?
  6. That's good news! Their first class though looks like an old folks lounge.
  7. Hmm. I thought they generally judge the airports. From facilities to security to ground crew to infrastructure.
  8. Perhaps this. My friends were also making fun out of this small detail. AirAsia flight, so what? They are going into battle and all 'we' care about is the type of aircraft they're using to go there. I bet none of my friends know the actual name of the aircraft, the capacity and range of a typical military air transport compared to AirAsia's Airbus A320. They're doing their job and all we can do is send our prayers. (well, some may be able to help more than others but you get the point)
  9. Don't think so. They are way more matured and sensible than Apple.
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