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  1. hi there.. where is this spotting location?
  2. nice series again mdsaleh! just wondering what's camera setting for such images! your photo really look sharp! and the color are nice too.
  3. hahaha! i like ur photo very much!!
  4. saw these photos from bina puri. updated 27/6/2013
  5. thanks mdsaleh for your explanation. i think one of my problem now is using the wrong lens at wrong spotting location. thanks for the help. i guess it will help a lot. will try it out this weekend.
  6. just wondering, were u guys using 400mm for those shots? for my self, i am using 24-105 with a 2x teleplus, which made my 105mm became 210mm. but the effect not too good
  7. KLIA2 90pct ready, cost below RM4bil, says MAHB 10:46AM Jun 6, 2013 The beleaguered Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) has confirmed that the construction of the new KLIA2 low cost terminal was 90 percent completed as of yesterday and the total cost was still below RM4 billion after addressing all variation orders. The listed company explained that a new date for completion cannot be determined at this stage unless and until a detailed work programme and resource planning by the affected contractors can be scrutinised by the project management team and its consultants but they have yet to be submitted. "This is to enable MAHB to be convinced that there will be no further slippages on the committed date of completion as had happened in the past. "MAHB will continue to work closely with the affected contractors to resolve their problems in the most amicable manner for all parties concerned," it said in a statement sent yesterday. Last Monday Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua and Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar from Pakatan Rakyat had branded MAHB as "incompetent liars" for saying that the terminal will be completed by this month June in a statement released in March, only to state after the elections that it has been delayed indefinitely. They demanded that the Transport Ministry and MAHB disclose the delay and cost of the construction of the new airport at Sepang. MAHB reportedly blamed the delay on non-delivery of parts by contractors, and said it will impose liquidated and ascertained damages (LAD) on them. Hidden issue raises head In a statement yesterday, Pua continued to question why MAHB had never raised the issue of contractor non-performance and the imposition of LAD before despite the matter having been repeatedly brought up by both him and Nurul Izzah over the past 18 months. In the statement today, MAHB clarified that initially extensions had been granted to contractors and which had already accounted for all the changes requested from all stakeholders of KLIA2. "However, MAHB is of the view that there is no justification for any further extension and therefore LAD will apply. "MAHB believes that the cause for the delay despite repeated commitments was due to insufficient resources to complete the work according to its programme and deadline." MAHB also claimed that it had foreseen the congestion developing at the current LCCT and had already discussed with low cost carrier AirAsia as well as the other airlines on action plans to manage the capacity issue. "We will continue to engage them to minimise any inconvenience to passengers. The LCCT is part of the KLIA airport system, and hence will be able to leverage on the overall KLIA capacity. "The low-cost airline industry had gone through a dynamic phase where its original business model has evolved significantly to what it is today. "We had to take into account all stakeholder requirements in order to support the future of low-cost airlines in building KLIA2," it added.
  8. extraordinary shots! nice work there TK & mdsalleh!
  9. hahaha~ ok get waht u mean! thanks! by the way, i went to the shop lot area near to the petrol station for spotting. is there any better location than this?
  10. can anyone suggest me a best time to do spotting on weekdays? thanks!
  11. NIce shots TK & mdsalleh!!! Quality photos there! where u guys took these photo? u guys stand near the fence at the small kampung??
  12. went to subang yesterday. was there from 4pm-6pm. only manage to spot 4 fire fly ATR...
  13. saw a news regarding to this topic yesterday in Nanyang Daily (local edition), Minister Ong has confirmed this news. Is that meaning the new LCCT gonna be in Nilai territory instead of Sepang????
  14. *photo taken from Jetphotos.net mo matter which side of the runway, this airfield really dangerous!!! i wonder is this really the first accident happen there????!!!!
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