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  1. I'll be heading to RPLL on 30th August, staying one night at the Marriott at the airport, before flying on the following afternoon to CYVR. I'm hoping to get a room with a good view of the movements, but I cannot find any reports on the hotel. Can anyone advise if runway views are possible? Thanks Steve
  2. Steve

    BKI 2011

    Actually the UC-35D (Cessna 560) was 166712. It visited on the 3rd and the 9th to/from Clark. Callsign on both occasions was MAGIC03. This aircraft is based at Futenma with MWHS-1.
  3. Two websites that are very good are http://antonakis.co.uk/acars.php?page=request just enter flight number, etc into the boxes http://www.libhomeradar.org/ just enter the flight number into the search box at the top right However they rely on ACARS or "SBS" type reports for their information, so they are only as good as the information they receive.
  4. Thanks, that's a start as I can cut and paste. I can also get something reasonably useful from the MH PDF timetable. Again, thanks for all the replies. Steve
  5. Thanks for your input guys, but what I'm really after is a simple digital list that I can turn into a spreadsheet. I know I can extract the info manually from the websites, etc., but I was hoping there might be an easier way! Fingers crossed someone might have something I can use. Steve
  6. Hi Guys, Does anyone have access to a list of Malaysia and/or Air Asia flight numbers and routing information in a digital format that they can send to me? I don't need times, etc just a tie up of flight numbers and routings. ICAO or IATA designators would be OK. Thanks! Steve
  7. Steve


    Hi Zul, HTH - "Hope That Helps" Regards Steve
  8. Steve


    Hi Zul, They have a very good reputation in the UK for aviation maintenance technician and licensed engineering courses. HTH? Steve
  9. Just to add a bit of background to the two known "new" aircraft: 9M-MLE c/n 35105 is ex Hong Kong Express B-KBP. The aircraft is currently sitting in Chek Lap Kok all white wearing registration N126RB 9M-MLD c/n 35793 is ex Okay Airlines B-5366, currently stored as N793AW. Cheers Steve
  10. I overflew Brunei Int'l Airport at 8000ft just as V8-BLA was touching down beneath us. Looked great
  11. A B738 made a visit to MYY today. I do not know which aircraft, but it operated MH2592/3. Probably a one off flight? Regards Steve
  12. Hi Graham, It is about 6 years since I was at Bali, I stayed at the Holiday Inn just a bit further up Kuta Beach from your hotel. The first thing to mention is that the security, etc is pretty easy going. You are more likely to be looked at by the locals as doing something strange :-0 You will see one end of the runway from the beach at your hotel. Also if you walk down the beach towards the runway you can climb up next to the taxiway and get VERY close to the aircraft. You'll see lots of locals doing this so you won't be doing anything unusual. You will also be within walking distance to the airport, but when I was there the views of the apron were very limited. However things may have changed so I would recommend at least one visit to see how the land lies. Have fun!! Cheers Steve
  13. Hi Radzi, That was me. Obvioulsy ATC thought I deserved to use more of the airport for my landing fee You weren't the one chasing me in the triple seven were you? Cheers Steve
  14. That's my bird, thanks for the picture Waiping. Unfortunately it wasn't me flying it that day, instead I was busy trying not to be drowned . I was doing my HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Trainer) training - which basically means I was strapped inside a tube that is then submerged and turned upside down, then I have to get out through a tiny window. If I succeed I get to do it three more times. Anybody want to take my place for the next one?? I was flying sistership C-GOHA in BKI today. I hope I didn't make too much noise! Cheers Steve
  15. I personally find the phrase "just one death" somewhat disturbing and insulting to the family of the deceased! MHS have lost the work because they actually had 4 major accidents in a very short period of time. One involved an S61 helicopter just after take off from Kerteh (May 2005). Another involved AS332L2 9M-SPA being flown into the water on a flight from Kerteh (Nov 2006). On services from Miri they had two ditchings with Super Pumas with "just one death", AS332L 9M-STT (Jun 2005) and AS332L2 9M-STR (Jan 2007). The customers in Miri lost faith in their services and brought in CHC to take over. As mentioned previously CHC have now set up a Malaysian Company with local businessmen called Awan Inspirasi Sdn Bhd. The aircraft will have Awan Inspirasi titles and logo but will retain the CHC colours. I am now enjoying my time flying the S92 out of Miri and KK
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