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  1. There's an A343 CS-TQM HFY741P scheduled departing KL today at 1825 bound for Brisbane.
  2. Yea i really hope so too. I just receive a letter yesterday from them, together with a AUD$200 voucher for the compensation. I still remember during the times of the SQ A343, i flew from DPS to SIN, the remote is reacting to the PTV next to my seat and that seat's remote is reacting to my PTV. Wonder how they connect and tested in the past haha. But again I'm certain the A333 will be probably the best regional product for a long time. Yup the A380 has green seats at the rear economy section of the A380 and the red are at the front of the economy section. The green actually doesn't look too bad in real life. Will take better pictures when i board the day flight back to Sydney. The black back seat cover makes photo taking at night difficult. Just a quicky, is the metal surrounding the plate rusting?
  3. Nice photo insight into the cabin products KC! Do certainly hope they will be working when i'm onboard later in the month.
  4. Here's my STA shots from 1st Feb. Light wasn't at it's best in the afternoon.. SQ3011 SQ3014 And China Eastern decided to send its special stuff over.. MU A346 B-6055
  5. The A380 back to its stand after the display. Look at the jam behind it!
  6. From Airbus Press Release An A380 21st century flagship will be on exhibit at the Singapore Airshow, and the aircraft also is to take part in the flying displays on 19, 20 and 24 February. This aircraft will also be open for visits from 19 to 24 February by invitation only. So maybe some of you guys might wanna replan your trip down And also to get trade pass, you can simply apply online! http://www.singaporeairshow.com.sg/visit-p...gistration2.asp Pre-register for Singapore Airshow 2008 and enjoy the following benefits: • Save precious time with our dedicated, self-service mobile e-ticketing kiosks, set up specially for guests who have pre-registered online • Receive regular updates and e-Newsletters on the latest news at Singapore Airshow 2008 • Take this opportunity to enjoy discounted pricing on our entrance fees: Trade Visitor 1-day Pass S$50 Trade Visitor 4-day Pass S$150 Note: Prices above are exclusive of a 7% Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  7. It was nice meeting everyone on Saturday! Probably one of the best trips to KL so far. Some of my pictures of side views since most of the photos here are zoom in and head on. What a pose from Jon. Excited locals.
  8. Any idea which episode is this ?
  9. Awesome stuff TK!! Tower view is simply amazing!
  10. Here's SKB's arrival this morning at 0801.
  11. ok here's the info from the webby. F. Train Service The Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) operates a regular train service to the Singapore Expo station. • Take the eastbound East-West Green Line towards Tanah Merah Station (EW4). • Get off at the Tanah Merah Station (EW4), go across the platform and transfer to the Changi Airport bound train (towards CG1 and CG2 Stations). • The next stop from Tanah Merah Station (EW4) is the Expo Station (CG1). Get off at the Expo Station (CG1). • Exit the Expo Station and transfer to the SBS Transit Shuttle Bus service available outside the station. E. Shuttle Bus from Singapore Expo There is also a regular shuttle bus service operated by SBS Transit from the Singapore Expo to the CEC during the Airshow period from 19 -24 February 2008. Pricing and shuttle schedule are as follows: Singapore Expo to the CEC: CEC to the Hotel: First shuttle: 8.30am Last shuttle: 6.00pm Price: S$5.00 per person per trip S$5.00 per person per trip The travelling time by bus from the Singapore Expo to the CEC and vice versa is approximately 15 minutes depending on traffic condition.
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