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  1. From the talk show as well, Azran said the pitch for AirAsia X economy is 31", thats 2 inches more than the AirAsia, and the same pitch as British Airways. So I guess thats not too bad then.
  2. The impression that I get from the talk show is rm25 is all you pay to view movies and play games. They get extra revenue from all the ads between movies.
  3. Finally there is some sense of the allocated sitting for AirAsia. http://www.airasia.com/site/id/en/page.jsp...ence=assignseat But but, does that mean, the Xpress Boarders no longer be able to choose the Exit row beyond the 5th row?
  4. which means, all 152 passengers can claim RM200 each?
  5. Yes D7 is using the Thales' TopSeries IFE. https://www1.online.thalesgroup.com/col/Air..._inquire08.html
  6. Jeng jeng jeng! Here are the most awaited interior photos of 9M-XXA: (taken from this blog, http://joenyuin.blogspot.com/2008/11/guess-who.html Normal Economy seat From the front: From the back: (with IFE on every seat) XL seat (Self conjecture, as the blog does not say so, correct me if I am wrong): If my conjecture is true, then the XL seats are really small and just a little bit bigger than the usual economy seat on other airlines.
  7. I am shocked! This is so un-SQ like... Never occur in my mind SQ is trying some LCC-like approach.
  8. Bravo to D7 team, they have managed the unfortunate event very well. For an LCC to have to pay full fares (on other airlines) so that the passengers can get a flight back is really great. I know some other LCC might not done such a thing (maybe just a refund or put them on the next day service). So this is really an excellent service here. I believe, Airbus has to sorta be blamed for this fracas as the plane has just been handover. D7 does not escape the blame either, as they should do a test flight before bringing it into service. Anyway, maybe this should be a reminder for D7 to check everything first before flying. Last but not least, great job Azmir!
  9. I think because of overwhelming calls from overseas causing the domestic calls to be compromised...
  10. Some additional info about tune hotels LCCT from AirAsia blog:
  11. In a way... Jetstar Asia routes from Singapore to Indonesia cities are operated by Valuair, which is a separate management under Jetstar Asia. It operates on its own and DO PROVIDE FREE FOOD on board.
  12. Yes you do need to pay S$10 (or RM25) for checking in 15 KG of luggage with TR
  13. I can only find the RM3 deal for KCH-SIN deal one way. Return incl tax is : RM309. The fare above does not include any check in luggage, unlike Jetstar which offers 20KG free check-in luggage. Add RM15 for 25 KG of luggage, or RM50 for 20KG and so on, per sector. 3K offer free seat selection, TR charges you extra. 3K departs at T1 (like AK), TR in budget terminal. Nevertheless, Jetstar's taxes are higher then TR. Sometimes, Jetstar can be a much better deal.
  14. Singapore Airlines and Qantas can be considered GLC (to respective countries) as well, but is there such an "obligation" to serve the government as in to fly to certain routes even though it is known to be unprofitable?
  15. The current AirAsia X flight that plies the route KUL-OOL-KUL-HGH is using the portable IFE. So it is possible, if they are willing to invest.
  16. Does it matter if it runs by someone in Slovenia? It is not a booking site. It is only recoding the airasia website to show all the fares for 15 days. You still need to go to airasia.com to book.
  17. OK now KUL-SIN route, by Dec 1, we have Full service: MH - 47 weekly SQ - 28 weekly MI - 28 weekly JL - 7 weekly TOTAL : 110 weekly (103 minus JL) Low cost: AK - 42 weekly TR - 34 weekly 3K - 19 weekly Total : 95 weekly All in all, the MH-SQ-MI codeshare still boost the biggest frequency, and may be more appealing to the business people. One real worry is how AK-TR-3K can fill up the seat, and there may be chances that some flights can be combined (translated into delay!). The low cost airlines have responded the sudden boost of frequency with cheap seats (AK - RM45, TR - $29), while SQ adds more flights (under MI brand). Suprisingly (or not suprisingly), MH reacts with lowering the fuel surcharge substantially (a cut around RM80 one way). I wonder, MH may actually reduce their frequency. I believe, FY should try flying SZB-SIN. Is that possible under the open sky agreement?
  18. I normally just stay quiet and if someone initiate a conversation, I will respond, but it also depends if the person is nice and I am comfortable with the conversation. Otherwise, I answer a question with one or two words only. Extra bonus if the person is attractive..hahahaha
  19. It is interesting to see your view on the survey that says, Malaysians and Phillipinos are quite a chatter on the plane. What about you? Survey: M'sian air travellers likely to chat with seatmates Sep 29, 08 6:23pm Most travellers oppose the use of mobile phones on aeroplanes but would not mind striking up a chat with their seatmate, according to a survey released today. .... Malaysians and Filipinos were the most likely to chat with their neighbours, while Thais, Taiwanese and Hong Kongers were the least likely. "Malaysia and the Philippines are probably the most extrovert of these Asian markets - Hong Kong and Taiwan are both fairly introverted," said Synovate managing director for Malaysia, Steve Murphy. The firm's Philippines managing director, Carole Sarthou, cited the migratory nature of Filipinos. Overseas workers from the country like sharing their experiences, she said. Read the rest at : http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90571
  20. It has been explained in http://www.malaysianwings.com/forum/index....showtopic=10366 There is a discrepancy, some pages says MHbasic gets 30% Enrich miles (http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/my/en/bkin.../easyfares.aspx), this one says 50% (http://book.malaysiaairlines.com/itd/itd/domestic/Economy), while the one you shows say 80%. What the??? who's right?
  21. Jetstar Asia has 3 times daily on the route... so its 14 altogether!
  22. 1 Dec.. I think by that time, the KL-Singapore route is going to be completely open up
  23. Watch this space for AirAsia and Jetstar Asia's announcement...
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