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Miri International Airport (WBGR/MYY) 2019

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Last thread for Miri was 2012. So here's a new one.


Back in hometown for the Gawai holidays. So took the time this morning to visit fellow spotter from Kuching at his new workplace.

Spotted 9M-WSB in Miri.
9M-AHZ arriving from BKI as AK6075
3 of MASwings ATR 72-500 at Miri Base. FYI, the ATRs are now based in BKI and MYY. As the base in Kch have been moved to Myy.
9M-AQG arriving from Singapore as AK1756. This flight is operated by AirAsia (AK) Kuching Hub crew.
9M-AHS arriving from Kuching as AK6190.
9M-WSB holding at taxiway G while waiting for ATR to depart.
ATR departs to Sibu? cant remember the destination. :)
9M-AHS taxing to Bay 4.
9M-WSB vacated active runway
and taxi to Bay 5 to pick-up passengers.

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Thanks for sharing these Prestley - we don't see much action from Miri!

That's right. Which is unfortunate, because we do get some rare action here in Miri once in awhile such as US Army aircraft and some private jets.

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Arrived Miri from Kuching via MH2804 onboard 9M-MLL the Troll Masters. Well I dont mind to be onboard those IFE-less B738 of MH for less than 1 hour flight time.



Hye Prestley in the tower. :p

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With TUDM performing their weapons validation program in Sabah, it was only a mater of time before the jets, CN235 and C130 stopped by Miri even if it was just for a flypast. Here's TARING05 Combine on 31st July performing a low fly past over runway 02.






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