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  1. I had added a note in the comments section on their website, asking for a runway facing room on the 9th floor while making the booking. A day before my arrival, I called their front desk to "remind" them about my choice. They said that they will try their best to assign me a room as per my request. When I arrived at the hotel, they had already reserved a room for me. In the words of the front desk guy, "Sir, we have reserved the room with the best view of the runway for you - Room 909" Needless to say, I was more than happy! Here's a shot clicked from Room #909, which I am sure you all will like Singapore Airlines A380-841 9V-SKI Note the beautiful white lights on the NLG and the wing. Because of these, you can identify an A380 from far away. - Vivek
  2. The Cargo hold of the A330-200F F-WWYE - Vivek
  3. Excellent shots from Crowne Plaza, guys! Pieter - yeah, the view from the hotel is unbeatable! WT Liew - Good weather for the Kingfisher A330. You got VT-VJL. I flew on VT-VJP both inbound and outbound - Vivek
  4. Some more coverage of the Airshow from me Flight Deck of Airbus A330-200 Freighter F-WWYE An RSAF F-16 and AH-64 Apache doing a tango RAAF F-111 Aardvark doing a "Dump & Burn" - Vivek
  5. Spotting from Room #909 at Crowne Plaza, Changi Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-841 9V-SKG - Vivek
  6. Hi Guys, It was nice to meet the MWingers at the Singapore Airshow Here is a pic from the show, accepted on Airliners.net. Air Baltic Q400 Next Gen C-FZGL - Vivek
  7. Excellent shots, KC Sim, Hoe Jyh and tsentsan! You guys are whipping up my appetite for SIN. Just another six days to go. Can't wait.... I hope, I can meet up with some of you at CBP on Sunday (31st Jan) afternoon for some spotting. Regards, Vivek
  8. Great! Look forward to seeing you there... - Vivek
  9. Great shots from Sha-Lo-Wan! That Air France Cargo plane is now wearing its true AF "dirty" colours... - Vivek
  10. Excellent pics, guys! A couple of quick questions: 1) These are 02L arrivals clicked from Changi Business Park, correct? 2) Till what time is the light good enough for photography? I will be in SIN from Jan 31st onwards. I was planning to do some spotting at CBP on Sunday - Jan 31st. Anyone planning to go there? - Vivek
  11. Looking forward to seeing you there, Gavin! Anyone else planning to go there on the 2nd or 3rd? - Vivek
  12. This is really sad! :-( Are there any spots left in KUL for spotting anymore? - Vivek
  13. 1) Ramani - 6th Feb (arr AK0719 06feb KUL-SIN, dep AK0718 06feb SIN-KUL) 2) Pieter - 7th Feb (arr 3K0556 06feb SGN-SIN, dep 3K0555 08feb SIN-SGN) 3) WaiPing -6th Feb (arr AK6273 05Feb BKI-SIN, dep AK6274 07Feb SIN-BKI) 4) Vivek - 2nd & 3rd Feb (arr IT29 30Jan BOM-SIN, dep IT30 04Feb SIN-BOM) - Vivek
  14. Lovely shots, kianhong! I am going to be on that Kingfisher A332 to SIN in another 22 days.... Can't wait - Vivek
  15. Hi Gang, A big HELLO after a long time :-) I would be visiting the SIN Airshow on the Trade Days (2nd & 3rd Feb) Anyone planning to visit on those days? It would be good to catch up with you. Anyway, I arrive in SIN on Sunday - 31st Jan & depart on Thursday - 4th Feb (both ways on Kingfisher Airlines) - Vivek
  16. Emirates Boeing 777-300ER A6-ECG - Vivek
  17. Thanks, Simon. And here is the Economy Class cabin of Kingfisher Airlines A321 VT-KFR - Vivek
  18. New Economy Class product on CX 744 - Vivek
  19. EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT shots by the lucky trio! Azahan - that could be Shah Rukh Khan himself in the IC A320! Recession time = no more movies to act, so working as a pilot! TK - good to see you again, although through the cockpit windscreen.... - Vivek
  20. Cathay Pacific B747-400 B-HUG China Airlines B747-400 - Vivek
  21. EVA Air B777-300ER B-16710 - Vivek
  22. Really nice interiors of the SQ A333! Great work..... - Vivek
  23. Haven't been spotting to BOM's observation hill lately due to all the security related issues. Digged these two out from my collection from last year. Emirates A330-200 A6-EKT Lufthansa A340-300 D-AIGS - inaugural flight to MUC - Vivek
  24. Dragonair A330-300 B-HWF - Vivek
  25. I think it is because of oil leaks.
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