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  1. 3rd - July - 2010 [afternoon spotting -(1600 - 1930) Local time ] ENJOY~ On "Airbus" to the airport, direct jorney from home. Great Wx & Vis. enable me to see the HK Island while on the Tsing Ma Bridge. Planes: NB: Its rare to see such blue sky in Hong Kong (*This photo has not been edited) * One of the highlights of today * Notice the new sticker of the "25 anniversary" of Dragon Air * Dragonair 25th Anniversary Special Livery More than just planes: *HAECO THE END~
  2. here's website: http://www.hkplanes.com/newguide/locations.html It's pretty detail.
  3. Sneeze is my plane spotting buddy. If you have any query, he would be the best person to ask. lol.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm back again! Sorry for being away for such a long time, as some of you might had 1st hand experiences that- "Study Engineering in Univesity does "Consume your life" " haha, I'm glad that I have survived for another year. Here are some of the highlight of what I've seen yesterday. Enjoy~
  5. 26-JULY-2009 "One World" day today??? Managed to see 2 of them : CX-A340 BA-B747 Weather wasn't great... at a point where cloud base was low... thunder storm.... etc anywhere, here's a few of the outcome : ENJOY!
  6. Not long after Sneeze introduced to me this new color of "Air canada 777-300ER", it has finally arrived in hong kong. C-FIVS!!! and a few others... ENJOY!
  7. Really really should have just left my friends on the other side of Hong Kong and came to VHHH for a few shots.
  8. I went home not long after trip to Amsterdam. Now I am on a 3 months long summer holiday.
  9. Hi guys, I've got goods to share! Since it was SQ first A380 Flight to VHHH. I have took some picts . Great light, great planes... the only down side was "Too many people", but nevertheless it won't affect my passion. Due to the amount of time i have, i have selected 12 imagines to share with you people. Enjoy! Last but not least... A380 (9V-SKG) *addition information,on both landing and take off of the A380 interesting things happened. -During Landing, my camera some how happened to be "BUSY" and not willing to take pict ... damn! But have to say, i wasn't taking too many at a time, in fact only took 2 shots in a roll then this problem has occurred (therefore, no landing photos of the A380 to share with you people, sorry...) -Before A380 take off again, my camera worked perfectly fine again.... however, similar situation happened again, and the only different was.... my nose was bleeding too. but Thanks for the great light and I have ignored the fact that my nose was bleeding and managed to find one of two focused images in my memory card at the end. Here's a new quote : If it ain't (nose) bleeding, it ain't spotting.
  10. I'm doing an Aerospace engineering with pilot studies Meng degree [the name is ridiculously long, sounds like a very cool degree too] Pa 38 No offense, but i prefer the Grob 115E , flew it for 6 hours all together during my 3 years in the RAF cadet force.
  11. Wilco! I will keep that in mind and DEEP IN MY HEART . I only go spotting whenever I have a flying lesson on the day anyway... and only stayed behind if the weather is nice and I 've done my homework, so don't work. As University of Liverpool is very good at keeping me busy, I never stayed behind for more than 2 hours anyway.
  12. Thanks Li, I'm still waiting for the "good" weather. I was gonna go with Sneeze the day after i arrived, but sadly it was HZ and vis was down to 2k Still waiting and hoping for good weather. Thanks Simon,
  13. Oh nooooo..... I didn't know that at all. Damn Well well well, I have full day of lectures every Monday anyway, so was that a good thing that i don't know anything about it?? Just like what happened when the Real Madrid f.c. came here to play Liverpool f.c. I was so annoyed that i had some computer training lessons to go to on that day. ( they said : if you missed it, we'll take 10% of you, and 70% is a pass mark...) That's why I was really upset about it, as more than 1/2 of the flight were NON- Easyjet , NON- Ryanair.... which were very unusual for Liverpool.
  14. Oh yeah... only just spotted the flapless take-off. Sorry uncle Piet. I didn't get the second part of your comment. "did you experience today's water-salute and VIP arrival on Zulu-Charley ? " ZC?!?! the earlier flight (1st one who landed that morning ???)
  15. Thanks guys for your support. That's right Uncle Pieter, BA 767 (T3) -> 747 (T5). Normally it would be baby airbus series (318. 319, 320, 321) for the domestic flight. I was surprise when i saw "767" during online check in. inflight pictures... does the one of the cloud count ? cuz i was asleep all the way till breakfast and it was quite pack with ppl walking around and waiting for toilet, so I've decided not bother with it this trip.
  16. Hi everyone, Finally home again, after another 3 months of study. Have to say "Manchester 's terminal don't have much shops around, however it's still very spotting friendly from the inside as well as the outside (which I've experienced it months ago) [link below] - if you have missed it, or just want to compare the views from the inside and the outside of the airport. http://www.malaysianwings.net/forum/index....542&hl=egcc Flight delayed for about 40 mins, [eliminate 2000] it's 1815.... ... ... got no money ... not many shops around.... ....luckily found a place which facing both RWYs... ...meaning - " time for some photos" [it's dark, weather was bad...so please don't expect too much from me. ] If you look carefully, there's BA 767 @ the background and that was the plane i went on. Got on the 767 for the first time ever ( a 40 mins domestic flight from MAN -> LHR Smooth flight ) Due to delay on the earlier flight, have to rush to my connection for another 11hr 25min on the 747. I saw SQ's A380, can't really see the reg. of it, cuz it was once taxing toward us and trying to blind me with it's headlight. Then it was taxing by the 747 i was on... Since it was my first time to see the SQ's A380 in real, so have to take a photo even in such bad situation with all reflections... ENJOY~!
  17. Thank you Cornelis and Wilber , I just realized I have over-sharpen the Tail and the rudder of the Fokker 70.
  18. KLM has finally joined Liverpool John Lennon Airport with their Fokker 70. Started today (29 March 2009). Due to the time moved forward an hour, i didn't manage to get there and take photos as she landed. However "something" is alway better than "nothing" I've managed to take a few photos of her as she rolls onto the runway 27. (Sorry about the quality, the sun just at the wrong place at the time and there aren't any better place to stand in the airport ) Enjoy~!
  19. It was my first time to see the Baron flying around. Yeah, i will try to take some more when the weather is nice... which is the biggest problem spotting in the U.K. Especially up here in the north, its always dark & cloudy.
  20. Hi Tony, thanks for you cm. Yeah i strongly disagree with deforestation (well, the last time i visited there, all those tree branches has been removed.) Finally a much better view. Great weather on that day as well. I have taken more photos and already posted on the forum. Check this out for more photos: http://www.malaysianwings.net/forum/index....showtopic=11611
  21. Sounds like a plan . Maybe after my exam.... i would say around early June. (if I managed to get a cheap day ticket) Thanks Pieter for you offer.
  22. Thanks MIR, I had a Flying lesson earlier of the day, the Tower has kind of forgot about him holding @ the holding point for 20 mins, I was number 2 to land at the time. saw him there for ages, and the pilot's pleasant radio call to tower: Thomson's Pilot: "Tower, we've been holding here for 20 mins..." Tower : "Sorry....." To be fair, there were about 5, 6 planes in the air waiting to land. Including RyanAir 738.
  23. You have RED (Air Asia) <-> We have Orange (Easyjet) Busy traffic for Liverpool today. Quite a few PA-38 was doing circuits and many Easyjet and Ryan Air as usual. Something slightly different is - Easyjet has sent their 737 instead of the normal baby airbus family, which was something different (finally) @ EGGP Enjoy : (Taken quite a few photos, want to share them with you guys asap, that's why not much editing on to these. Mainly Crop & Re-sized only Three EasyJet together - watch the one on the right; Pushed in the queue of Ryan air (which you can't see her in this photo, she is just at the holding point) & Easyjet [middle] KLM Flight academy (a trail lesson, i believe. She is holding a camera not the YOKE!)
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