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  1. AirAsia plans low-cost airline in Vietnam KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia Bhd will today sign a letter of intent with Shipbuilding Industry Group with a view to establishing a joint venture low-cost airline in Vietnam. AirAsia, in a filing with Bursa Malaysia yesterday, said the proposed partnership would focus on securing the licence to operate a new Vietnamese airline that would serve domestic, regional and international routes. “The new airline will be built on the successful low-cost model pioneered by AirAsia in this region,” it said. The statement said the airline would carry the name VINA AIRASIA. The new airline would serve domestic, regional and international routes, and eventually build two distinct divisions to facilitate short- and long-haul aviation, AirAsia said. Vinashin will assist the JV company in securing grant of governmental or regulatory approvals, concessions, permission, licences, certificates and any other approvals to facilitate operations of the new airline. http://biz.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?f...mp;sec=business
  2. Apparently the problems is more serious than what they innitially thought of. FAA orders quicker 737 wing inspections The US FAA has issued a new order to airlines to speed up inspections for all Boeing Next Generation 737s after finding new evidence that loose parts in the wing leading edge slat tracks is a wider problem than initially thought. The emergency airworthiness directive (EAD) issued on 28 August requires airlines to perform a detailed or borescope inspection within 10 days, and a one-time torquing of the nut and bolt in the downstop assembly for the slat track within 24 days. The order, which supersedes an EAD issued on 25 August, includes carriers all models of the 737NG, including the -600, -700,-700C, -800, -900 and -900ER. The warning comes after a China Airlines 737-800 was destroyed by a fire caused by a fuel leak in Naha, Japan on August 20. An initial investigation showed that parts came loose in the assembly that serves as a downstop when the slat track deploys. As the slats were retracted, the loose parts pierced the fuel tank in the wing, according to the FAA. Five days later, the FAA issued the first EAD to complete an initial inspection within a 24-day period. But feedback from the inspections quickly revealed a wider problem, with multiple aircraft reporting loose parts in the slat track assemblies. “Additionally, in one case, the slat can was damaged,” the FAA directive says. Boeing, meanwhile, is continuing to collect data about the problem and decide whether an engineering fix will be necessary, a spokeswoman said. http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/2007/...nspections.html
  3. Well the reporter and the press have to cover their butt in case they got it wrong.
  4. I guess to get the Australia Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) would be greatest challenge for AirAsia X first flight time line. They definitely do not wish to repeat Viva Macau mistakes on their MFM-SYD route which is a huge embarrassments + heavy losses -- transferring passengers into other full service carriers HKG flights + free return ticket compensation as well. All caused by their own mistakes of selling tickers too early and failed to obtain the Australia AOC on time.
  5. FAA orders wing slat checks on all Boeing 737NGs By Graham Warwick The US FAA has ordered emergency inspections of wing leading-edge slat tracks on all Boeing Next Generation 737s after investigators discovered a loose bolt had pierced the fuel tank in the China Airlines 737-800 that was destroyed by fire in Japan on 20 August. The emergency airworthiness directive issued by the FAA on 25 August requires operators to inspect main slat track downstop assemblies and slat track housings within 24 days and every 3,000 flight cycles thereafter. The AD applies to all 737-600, -700, -800 and -900 series aircraft, including the newest member of the family, the 737-900ER. CAL fuel rupture The FAA says it has received reports of parts of the downstop assembly coming off the main slat track. In one case a nut fell into the track housing, or slat can, and during retraction the track made contact with the nut, puncturing the can. The operator reported finding fuel leaking from the drain hole in the slat can, the FAA says. In the China Airlines incident, the AD says, loose parts of the downstop assembly punctured the slat can, which resulted in a fuel leak and ground fire that destroyed the aircraft. CAL 737 fire The AD requires operators to inspect the slat track downstop to check for missing parts and verify proper installation, and to check the inside of the slat can for foreign object debris and damage. In addition, a torque of 50-80in-lb must be applied to the nut on the downstop assembly. The FAA says the emergency AD in an interim solution until a final action is identified. http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/2007/...ing-737ngs.html
  6. So Rozhan have you complete your collection with MAS First & Business Class paper tickets as well? I think you idea of collecting the unused new paper ticket is a good idea as I always found the paper ticket messy & unattractive after the trip, thus never thought of collecting any of them (regardless it's the very own airline version or the boring IATA travel agent version) and I just dispose left over into the bin in no time.
  7. Besides on the concern of check in system break down, the most important reason why you should and must bring your print out is the immigration and security concern. When you enter the foreign country it's likely the immigration officer will request to see your air ticket (to make sure u got a return ticket with you) before they put the stamp on your passport (I do noticed it's a standard procedure for certain country like Australia). Certain airports restrict the check in area to passengers only thus you need the ticket to enter. For me I always bring 2 print out with me, 1 in checked luggage, another copy in hand luggage + the default soft copy in my web-based email as well. Honestly speaking I prefer eticket a lot morecompared to paper ticket as it's a lot safer, a lot more convenient & hassle free. Really hate the time where after booked & paid for my ticket online with MAS I still need to go to their office to collect the 'paper ticket' (if thats the case might as well book and pay everything in their office).
  8. Apparently that buyer's is quekks, really wondering who is he.
  9. The 2nd daily Shenzhen will be added in Oct (official date haven't announce yet), followed by BKI - SZX.
  10. 150 A320s not solely catered for AK operations but for FD & QZ (+ any other future subsidiaries) as well. With over 500 millions populations in Asean there's plenty of room to grow.
  11. Passengers criticise China Airlines over evacuation Thu 23 Aug 2007, 10:28 GMT By Ralph Jennings TAIPEI (Reuters) - Passengers on a China Airlines plane that caught fire at the Okinawa airport criticised the flight crew on Thursday, saying they gave unclear evacuation instructions that could have caused potentially fatal delays. China Airlines defended its crew's reactions. "If the crew hadn't been on the ball and the clients hadn't cooperated, then the result could have been different," said Chen Peng-yu, the Taiwan airline's assistant publicity vice president. Passengers got at least $857 (427 pounds) apiece in compensation, and more if their luggage was burned, Chen told Reuters. According to many in a group of about 30 passengers who returned to Taipei on Thursday and spoke to reporters, passengers were crying and screaming for help inside the 737-800 aircraft that caught fire on Monday after landing on the southern Japanese island. The fire had broken out as the plane neared its gate following its flight from Taipei to Okinawa's Naha airport. All 157 passengers and eight crew escaped unhurt minutes before the plane's left engine exploded and ripped the plane apart, sending flames and columns of black smoke billowing into the air. The crewmembers did not see the fire as soon as passengers looking through the plane windows did, causing panic among the 157 passengers and attempts to open the doors, the returning passengers said. They said emergency exits didn't open fast enough and they didn't know where to gather for evacuation. "Inside it was normal, but outside you could see smoke," said Lin Hsiu-cheng, 52, a returning tourist from southern Taiwan. "Everyone was scared, and why couldn't (the crew) see it? "Finally all four doors opened," she said, her voice quickening and eyes widening as she spoke. She said the explosion came a minute after she got out. Another passenger surnamed Liao said: "The crew was not clear on what to do. We witnesses were much more clear." A Japanese Transport Ministry team investigating the fire said a bolt on the right wing of the plane appeared to have ripped through a fuel tank. "We found a tear in the fuel tank, so there is a high possibility that fuel from the tank leaked through that opening," Kazushige Daiki, an investigation team official, told a news conference. China Airlines has a troubled safety record, with four deadly accidents in the past 13 years, including a crash in the Japanese city of Nagoya in 1994 in which 264 people were killed. http://africa.reuters.com/world/news/usnTP238724.html
  12. Second daily KUL - Shenzhen flights will be added soon + New BKI - Shenzhen flights will be launch very soon as well. Source: http://www.airasia.com/nl/nl070823-en.htm
  13. Cebu Pacific increases capacity to Kuala Lumpur by almost 20% Cebu Pacific (CEB), will increase the capacity of its Manila-Kuala Lumpur service by almost 20% with the upgrade of the 150-seater A319 aircraft utilized for this route. Beginning November 3, 2007, CEB will use a 179-seater A320 aircraft to fly four times weekly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. CEB started its four times weekly Manila-Kuala Lumpur service last November 30, 2006. Since then, it has maintained an average passenger load of more than 80%. CEB is the only Filipino airline operating in the Philippines–Malaysian market. CEB hopes to carry more passengers to Kuala Lumpur especially with the continued support of the Malaysian Tourism Board. Aside from offering the lowest fares to Malaysia from Manila, CEB has implemented joint programs with the Malaysian Tourism Board in preparation for the 50th Grand Independence celebration of Malaysia. “We’re very encouraged by both the loads for Kuala Lumpur and the continued support extended by Tourism Malaysia. We are confident that our joint efforts will further strengthen this route and the additional capacity will be filled-up quickly,” said Candice Iyog, CEB VP for Marketing and Product. Eva Carmona, Tourism Malaysia Marketing Manager said, “We are very pleased that CEB will increase its capacity after barely a year in operation. This will surely allow more Filipinos and tourists to visit Malaysia as it celebrates its 50th year of independence. We hope that many will avail of CEB’s year round low fare offering so that they can spend less on air travel and more on their business and leisure activities.” “Now that we have more seats available for this route, it also means that we have more low fares to offer our guests.” Iyog added. The lowest ‘Go’ fare to Kuala Lumpur starts from P1, 499 one-way. This is exclusive of applicable surcharges and government tax. The best way to buy tickets is though CEB’s website (cebupacificair.com). Now in its 12th year, CEB has the youngest fleet in the Philippines with an average age of just over one year. CEB operates 14 brand new Airbus aircraft to its 20 domestic and soon to be 12 international destinations with the addition of Shanghai, Xiamen, Guangzhou, and Macau in the next quarter. http://www.cebupacificair.com/aboutus/pres...7/08172007.html
  14. Additional info from BBC An official from the airline, Atlas Jet, said there were 136 passengers and six crew on the plane when it left Ercan Airport in Northern Cyprus.
  15. Registration for the first flights charity auction has been started. The auction will kick start on 27 August 2007.
  16. AirAsia opts for unusual seating plan in A330s By Nicholas Ionides Malaysian low-cost carrier AirAsia's planned long-haul sister airline is eyeing a 396-seat configuration for its Airbus A330-300s, with a nine-abreast layout rather than the typical eight. Tony Fernandes, group chief executive of publicly traded short-haul carrier AirAsia and a major shareholder of the privately held long-haul budget carrier, says the configuration under consideration will make it one of the highest-seat-capacity operators of the A330-300. According to Airbus, MyTravel is thought to have the highest-density A330-300 configuration at present, with 408 seats in a nine-abreast, three-three-three layout. Airbus markets the A330-300 as having a typical two-class layout that seats 335 passengers. The former Air Inter is thought to have had the highest-density-configuration ever for A330-300s in the mid 1990s, with 412 seats. A330s are typically configured in an eight-abreast, two-four-two layout in economy class but Fernandes says AirAsia will be one of the few operators with three-three-three seating in its 'X', or economy, class. MyTravel and Monarch Airlines are others that already have three-three-three A330 layouts. "We have been working with a seat manufacturer for the best part of a year on the configuration and our nine-abreast will be more comfortable than many others with the eight," says Fernandes. AirAsia's long-haul sister carrier is due to launch operations late in September or early in October, initially with services to the Gold Coast in Australia and Hangzhou in China. It will start with a single leased A330-300 from AWAS that was originally operated by Aer Lingus. Fernandes says this aircraft will seat 315 passengers but the interior will be reconfigured in around seven months when it goes in for a heavy maintenance C-check. He hopes a second aircraft will have been sourced by then, before the first of 15 firm-ordered Rolls-Royce Trent 700-powered A330-300s arrives in August 2008. Those aircraft will be in the high-density configuration seating nearly 400 passengers. Fernandes says the firm configuration has not been decided upon yet but around 396 seats is what is currently being looked at, including 28 in "XL" class, which will be similar to a premium economy class. The new airline will use the AirAsia name under a licensing arrangement. It will be 60%-owned by Fernandes and several of his business associates, 20%-owned by Virgin Group and 20%-owned by AirAsia. It plans to serve London in later stages and rights have already been secured for operations to Stansted airport, says Fernandes. Those flights will be operated via the Middle East, such as Bahrain or Dubai and Sharjah in the UAE. Other destinations being looked at include Melbourne Avalon in Australia, additional cities in China and Amritsar in India. http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/2007/...n-in-a330s.html
  17. http://www.amadeus.net/home/index_toplevel.htm
  18. AK is set to launch KUL - HKG flights by January 2008. They also plan to build their low-cost terminal hub in HKG as well. Full details at: http://www.theedgedaily.com/cms/content.js...47d800-41d77c90
  19. Larkin = JB Bus Station (like Puduraya of KL). Not rumour but it's a matter of fact, JB is the worst when it comes to safety. Since there are 3 of you might as well take taxi direct from Singapore.
  20. Your options: http://www.airasia.com/site/en/page.jsp;js...10a850-d76d925c
  21. Waited 50 minutes at KL Sentral Taxi Stand (which they charged premium rate due to what they so call the fair coupon system) simply ridiculous. Usually there're plenty of taxi queuing there waiting for customers, don't why took so long, maybe due to after office rush & dinner hours. 30 minutes from KL Sentral to Bukit Bintang (I presume u r staying in Westin again) well rather expected and nothing surprise about it since Bukit Bintang area has always been the traffic nightmares for everyone.
  22. For Asean destinations Yes you can do that as MH is running the same sales across all Asean countries as well. Thus buying OW KUL - BKK & charged in RM while another ticket OW BKK-KUL & charged in THB. By doing this you can get some savings and avoid the 'Fare surcharge' from return trip bookin. However MH is not conducting this sales outside Asean Countries thus you have no choice but to incur the 'fare surcharge' on your return ticket. Those who can really benefits from this sales is those who can purchase and allowed to enter with One Way ticket - students, migrant, foreigner based in Malaysia/Asean etc.
  23. Please don't simply make a statement if you wasn't sure on the facts. AK - If the promo price is $49.90++ oneway to BKK, the same lowest promo price applied for the return sector (subject to availability of course) If the promo is $0.00 ++, same promo applied to both sectors. Air Asia X - They haven't even official announce & launch their first destination, not to mentioned about booking. Nothing available at the moment & how you know they are gonna use the same tactic applied by MH at the moment? JQ - Jan 07 KL route annoucement launching RM250++ Oneway (RM500++ return) on their new KUL-SYD route. Aug 07 sales, RM88++ & $488++ oneway depends on the travel date. You can get both sector at RM88++ if you are quick and flexible enough (as shown by Naim in seperate post on JQ sale). Many other Asian carriers? - well you better give us some proof on how & when they use the dirty tactics applied by MH at the moment.
  24. Agreed. These kind of dirty tactics at the end just pissed off all the potential customers only. Imagine if you saw the $199 oneway fare to HKG, wah so excited bcos you thought you can grab the $398 ++ return fare but the actual return promo fare is $805++ (more than 100% fare surcharge!)! :angry:
  25. Their domestic offers is pretty good, however the superb oneway prices which they advertised for international routes is pure misleading as you'll incurred 'fare surcharge' if you make the booking on return basis, for example: KL-HKG Oneway = $199, Return = $805 KL-Cebu Oneway = $99, Return = $498 KL-London OW = $699, Return = $2468 Same gimmick which has been used on their previous sales, really wondering who is the genius behind this misleading pricing strategy.
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