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  1. lawrence, To become a LAME, or LAE, the first exam you have to attend is LWTR and it's equivalent to the degree. And with the licence your can go for your master. U only can't renew ur licence in case of blacklist matter, which is u had done something wrong during ur work. And as what Imran said, it is true and u must be tough enough to sacrifice. Aviation doesn't care about the diploma or degrees but the are care about your licence, ur type ratings and ur experience. The salary that u'll get is high and it'll become more if u can get ur type rating as well. But, please forget about the salary, look at the responsibility on your shoulder. U must have to make sure the aircraft is safety enough to fly before you hand it to the pilot. Working in aviation is not like working in the other sector. Please, think and make sure what do you want actually. regards, hanna
  2. hi isaac, welcome to MW. thanks for sharing the awesome photo's here. *is it u flying with esbfc before? regards ~hanna~
  3. Thanx a lot rohana~ ur a friend of Yuen rite? he kinda mentioned ur name to me that day... if Im not mistaken that is~ =) hi, yes, i am. he did also mentioned me about you ~hanna~
  4. syaz, gud luck for the interview. Normally the first stage interview is nothing much they would ask you but on the second stage interview, yes it'll be harder. but don't worry about that, just prepare yourself. regards ~hanna~
  5. mush, sorry to hear that. It's hard to lost someone closed to us. Semoga Arwah ditempatkan di kalangan org2 yang beriman. Amin. regards ~hanna~
  6. Capt Attan, Glad to hear you're alright. Have a good rest
  7. Oh God, really hate to hear about aircraft crash, my condolence to all lost soul and their families & r.i.p
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