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  1. Flew out of Singapore on Weds morning for KL, and we departed from 02L. Noticed that the Jett8 parked over at Airbase.....got a new coat of paint! Andrew
  2. Username and password are changi changi But that does not give you access to post in the forums, just view Andrew
  3. Lovely shots KC, looks like there has been spots of good weather! Andrew
  4. Wonderful catches....congratulations! Better than a big Ang Bao! Andrew
  5. Wow Guys, seem like the aviation gods have been smiling down on you lately......great shots. Great job! Andrew
  6. Wonderful pictures my dear friend. I only wish I was there to photograph them. But I did get Wunala in superb light landing the other day at LAX! Andrew
  7. Beautiful Shots of the B707 KC.......I'm jealous! And that was a real blast of Red for the Kingfisher Cabin tour...wow! Keep those shots coming. Always good to keep up with what is going on in Singapore Andrew
  8. KC.....you got the Panda......well done! Andrew
  9. Hey KC, Always catching those interesting movements.......great job. You are right, the alliance specials is def. making life more interesting. I will see what I can catch at LAX!! Andrew
  10. Lovely shots.....really lovely. I will miss those type of shots / locations, but I know that we have good people remaining to photograph them! Andrew
  11. Now this is what you call a great product, with great service! My flight back from LAX on an SQ A345 Andrew
  12. Thanks Guys, Kind words..... Yes please do look me up if you are in the LA area. And I will be more than happy to post shots in the NA section! Andrew
  13. Los Angeles! To all my friends up North, it is time to make a move and go to the USA. An opportunity came up to transfer to the USA, based in Los Angeles (can you say LAX, Van Nuys, Burbank, Long Beach etc etc) and I couldn't say no. Not sure if this is the right forum to post it, but to all of the great and friendly Mwings guys, please do let me know if you are in the LA area! I will not have a chance to do any more KUL trips, but the ones that I did, and the friends that I made, will stay with me for a lifetime! Thank you and take care Andrew
  14. Hi Guys, Hope that you are all well. KC and I had a good session this morning. A nice rare (for us) Jumbo on a test flight......and an early morning regular.....but with some humidity in the air, we got a nice effect. Enjoy and keep well Andrew
  15. Hi Guys, Not quite Singapore, but I saw that KC had uploaded shots of B-LIB landing in Singapore. Well guess who got it a few hours earlier in Hong Kong departing, and I remember thinking "I wonder where the new B747-467ERF's fly to.......now I know! Enjoy! Andrew
  16. Hi Guys, Long time no post! Went out to Changi this morning....weather was marginal but I was itchy for a photo shoot so thought "what the heck". As it was, only got 30 mins of sunshine, most of it the runway was closed....and so on and so on. So it forced me to do something different. Wanted to share the results with you. Hope you like 'em Andrew
  17. Certainly was......nice to meet you one day we have to really meet, at closer quarters!! Andrew
  18. Following on from the other thread "Lakeside Arrivals 14L" some shots from 14R Saturday afternoon was great fun. You guys have a great location there! Enjoyed the shallow departure of the MAS Kargo B747.....just refused to climb! Always enjoy a hybrid, and this one is no exception! There was already a IL76 parked at Cargo.....so who would have guessed that we get another one. That must be unique for KLIA, two IL76s!! On Sunday, I had already decided to make a move back to Singapore after lunch with Big Jon. As I went to my car, I suddenly remembered the Yemenia A332. Whilst Jon and I were having lunch, there was a big rainstorm, and I thought my chances were burned. We rushed off to try, with Jon skidding his car on the way, it was quite scary to watch....Jon change those rear tyres please! And when we arrived out went Yemenia into another approaching thunderstorm with the blackest of black skies, but it was bathed in sunlight! It was a fitting last shot for my trip to KUL.....! Enjoy Andrew
  19. Hi MWings, Just came back to Singapore from a 1 1/2 day photography to your wonderful KLIA. Didn't see too many of you, but of course met up with Big Jon....cheers for lunch and I will return the compliment when you make it to Singapore! Also a hello to WT and Imran, whom I met for the first time and displayed the usual MWings friendliness! Wasn't sure where to post these photos as I could not find a thread for AM 14L arrivals, so I thought I would create one. Apologies if I was wrong! I spent the Saturday morning the Lakeside (aka "The Pond") and the weather started out nicely......some wonderful buildup gave me a stunning background to work with....and nice sun! My highlight was the MK A332, which was my first time seeing this lovely machine! There were a nice host of arrivals during the whole morning (MH B737s and Air Asia A320s are GOOD for me!) and I devoured all of them. Especially enjoyed the Qatar A333 still in Asian Games c/s, yummy! After that I went to 14R for afternoon rotation.....I will post pictures from that session in the other thread. Got some nice things.....go have a look! This morning (Sunday) I woke up nice and early and was a bit dismayed to see a lot of cloud cover whilst driving to the airport. Postive thinking prevailed and sure enough 10 minutes after I pitched up at the lake....the sun broke through! Didn't know what to expect and then I saw an interesting B747 on finals.....couldn't make it out until it was virtually side on...GMG Airlines!!!!!! Was very very happy to catch this one At this point Jon and I were SMSing frantically with all of the meet up arrangements and I was keeping him informed of what was coming in. Then, another interesting B747 on approach. I couldn't quite make it out, and then it clicked.. Iran Air B747SP!!! On my goodness, this was a dream for me and I must say the highlight of my trip. Best of all, Jon told me later, it was EP-IAA which apparently has just been returned to operational service. Carrying some nice stickers as well! It was a pity that no-one was there to share my joy, but at least I can post them here to let you see them. Wanted to get these up first, will post more of the session later. Now time to process some more pics and put them on the 14R thread! Enjoy! Andrew
  20. Hi Pieter, Yes went to Hanoi for a short break.......museum pics to follow later This morning with KC was India and A332 time.......enjoy! Andrew
  21. Hi Guys, Happy New Year and looking forward to a great 2008! To usher in the New Year, some pics from a recent landing sequence which I think that you would enjoy. On 30th December, the family returned from Hanoi. Our expected arrival time was 1737. However, 30 minutes before landing, the captain informed us that there was a huge thunderstorm over Changi and we would be unable to land, and therefore had to go into a holding pattern. We finally landed at 1820 hours, and from what I know KUL got some interesting diverts..... Just established for 02L with the tail end of the storm moving away Another nice shot Landing on 02L with lots of water being kicked up....and a soaked airfield! Turning off the runway....nice subjects and a really dramatic cloudbase Enjoy! Next installment will be pics from Hanoi! Andrew
  22. Also wanted the A380...but the beast landed on the wrong runway Andrew
  23. Hi Tsen Tsan, Yes was on the pavillion / hill. But had to move further south as there was a big cloud blocking the sun.... Where were you? Andrew
  24. Hi Guys, Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Haven't been to the airport much lately as the weather has been....well "poor"! However today was better and I had a waltz down to 02L. Sun was hit and miss but some interesting subjects: Lion Air sent in their B737-900...regular colours A nice Air Asia from Thailand carrying special colours....pretty! Garuda Ireland (?????) with EI-DMZ and winglets! My first sighting of Jet Airways A332. Lovely! And last but not least, a regular Cathay B772, but what a cloud formation in the background. TK...wouldn't fly through that right???! Enjoy and talk soon! Andrew
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