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  1. https://english.vov.vn/en/society/two-vietnamese-airlines-ground-40-aircraft-due-to-engine-inspection-post1075076.vov Maybe these issues
  2. 13" quite big for econ,on the opposite 17" too small in biz.
  3. Yes,my flight KUL-TPE also offer 3 choices:nasi lemak/omelette/bihun.I think 3 is more than enough,2 option is reasonable and use the cost to rich the content .
  4. Not only that,even their new product always 1 or 2 generation behind competitors.Take a look A339 business class,no wow factor just a common thing that rolled out before covid.
  5. 1.5K is ridiculous,even 4K hard to survive nowadays .
  6. From customer vision no matter it's brand new or second hand,please refurbished the cabin as well.Look at the CX ancient 773 for example
  7. The A332 contract until 2028 ,right? I think there is still expandable.
  8. Azul and HK airlines grounded a few A350,go go MH
  9. But I thought SE-RSB belongs to China Airline
  10. That's a great news,I wonder where's the aircraft lease from?
  11. 3 of them will return to lessor in 2H if not extend.For now MH facing serious wb shortage and they have no choice.
  12. Nope,A332 get 5 more years contract extended.
  13. Not just that,privacy door and 4K monitor is a must.
  14. Definitely,there are a lot red ball alongside with their schedule list in FR24.
  15. Give up even PVG PEK?Firefly will equip 738max oneday and fly to China?
  16. Yes I know´╝îthere's only one relative matter:money money and money.Maybe a few 332 routes would be downgraded to 738 after China open border. Glad to heard this information (previously reported through 2028)
  17. It's such disappointing if MH not received that 6 built A350 thought they're facing serious aircraft shortage issue.The first half dozen new A339 just to fulfill the leaving A332 and no expansion before 2025.They will totally uncompetitive with other region players.
  18. As I know,BKI-TPE remain stable around 60% all these day.
  19. Year after year,hate and boring to heard the official announcement:narrow losses than last year,next phase turnaround plan in progress.
  20. Iron Man "War Machine" concept
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