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  1. Nice catch there Raymond on CX newest B77w with the all new weavy AWC logo. Nonetheless, great shots there Kianhong and HJ, hope this is the beginning of many more such days to come in summer. Cheers, Dan
  2. A tiring but fruitful weekend. A prelude to Singapore Airshow week. Have a great airshow week ahead.~
  3. Thx a lot Pieter. Hope to see more of your pix in times to come. Spotting Rox~ Dan
  4. Nice capture of the "Go Roos" rotation Bob. I was onboard that flight (ahem... blessing in disguise...) The tower somehow give clearance for "Go Roos" to take off first, knowing she can "go" and take off in time for 9V-SRO to land... Here are some of the photos of "Go Roos" and a view of 9V-SRO landing from air: Jetstar A320 "VH-VQH" Singapore Airlines "9V-SRO" landing...(another view)
  5. Wow... A very nice capture of the JAL OneWorld and the Whalejet there kianhong. Today's weather setting seems dramatic. Cheers!
  6. No worries guys. Hope u all like it. Hope the "Raiders" will fly to most part of the world as AirAsia is expanding Cheers!
  7. Hey Everyone, here is a "sneak preview" of the AirAsia X A343 "Raider" Special Livery... Should be Balik Kampong very soon... Do lookout for her ya. Cheers~
  8. You're really really lucky for all your catch! Hope the luck will prolong~~~ Cheers!
  9. Lolx. Jia Hao, do u mean Flying "Condor"... Oops... We're just 1 week earlier else we may get the chance on the A343
  10. Great A343 shots there Bob. Anyway sorry for the late reply because lately i was busy after returning from a fruitful and exciting trip to PEN. I will like to thank Wilson, Sofian and Yusoff for their great hospitality that makes our trip there a Great trip! Hope to see u guys soon here in SIN. May i present my favourite shot for the trip:
  11. Hey Raj. Superb pix u have there. Thanks a lot for sharing with us. Hope u had a great stay here in SIN. Cheers!
  12. Hey M-wingers! Nice to be onboard this aviation community. Nice catch there TT on the beautiful Green alligator. She departed as CX714. Cheers!
  13. Happy First Anniversary MalaysianWings. Wish you all will soar and grow in years to come. Cheers!
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