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  1. Thank you everyone for your greatest contributions in uploading all those interesting AA liveries. You guys and girls are awesome. Kudos !! Keep up the good work :-)
  2. It is a shame if this story is genuine and be reported in malaysia media. Despite the bad influence of MAS growth, now with this matter the glory name will be affected :-(
  3. This matter is simple to recognise the caused why the sudden hike of airport charges. It is because both Hyderabad and Delhi Airports are operated by MAHB Delhi: http://www.malaysiaairports.com.my/index.php/component/content/article/194.html Hyderabad: http://www.malaysiaairports.com.my/index.php/component/content/article/193.html In Malaysia, we do recognise the sudden price hike with not good and valid reasons. This is why AirAsia is so angry with the drastic price hike without thinking the benefits of airlines bringing good revenue to the airport and the tourism industry. Therefore, I am not surprise with Delhi is hiking up their airport charges as the main department who make those decision are the same department running our airports in malaysia
  4. Can it be the replacement if AirAsia do not transfer from BKI's low cost terminal to Main Terminal of Kota Kinabalu? Assuming KCH will be the Borneo's next hub to fly to more destinations of the range of their A320's maybe with KCH-DPS or KCH-DRW?
  5. Well AirAsia burns alot fuel when they taxi their aircraft from LCCT to the active runaway. By this the 3rd runaway will be built close to the new LCCT for faster take off and landing procedures. Plus with AirAsia's 100 Airbus on the way, its a certain to avoid heavy traffics on the runaways. Another reason will be is runaway 14L/32R will be far for the new LCCT for its depature and landings
  6. Yes indeed AirAsia do take passengers view very seriously. The CEO, Mr Azran always discuss with his passengers on how they feel with their flights no matter with AK or D7 flights. I observe this when I was in LCCT in which he was talking to few Aussie visitor of the problems of D7's previous economy seats. Bravo to him as he makes Malaysia proud is building great hospitality and branding
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