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  1. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.228203890587429.54817.100001934582537&type=1#!/media/set/?set=a.228203890587429.54817.100001934582537&type=1 Taken by me.
  2. AOC is very important before starting up a new airline. Aircraft can be leased. The most important after an AOC will be crews, trainings, fundings and aircrafts. Crews we can outsource from MAS/AirAsia/Firefly and depending on their job schedules and some other things such as MRO's. To be cost effective, the airline must operates the aircrafts to the highest utilisations without compromising safety. Aircraft turnaround time will be 30 minutes. Correct me if I wrong. Maybe I can provide the solutions to Sabah & Sarawak government for airline start-up solutions.
  3. From MAS 2nd Quarter Financial Report, MASkargo, Firefly Turboprops and MRO operations registered profit of RM140 million collectively in the first half and expected to remain profitable in the second half of 2011. However Firefly Jet operations is under review due to the substantial losses in the first half of 2011 and the current resources of Firefly Jet will be refocused to provide a short-haul premium airline offering, whilst Firefly Turboprop would continue on its expansion plans. http://malaysiaairlines.listedcompany.com/newsroom/MAS230811.pdf Page 16
  4. MAS 2nd Quarter Report: http://malaysiaairlines.listedcompany.com/news.html/id/266266 From: http://malaysiaairlines.listedcompany.com/news.html/id/266213 Malaysia Airlines Announces RM527 Million Net Loss For Second Quarter 2011 Higher Fuel Costs overtake increased passenger revenue and yields Aug 23, 2011 23 August 2011, Subang. Malaysia Airlines’ Group today announced a net loss of RM527 million for the second quarter 2011 (2Q2011), impacted by higher fuel costs that offset yield and Revenue Available Seat Kilometer (RASK), higher than the same quarter for 2010 (2Q2010). The Group’s total revenues for 2Q2011 increased to RM 3.485 billion, 8% more than 2Q2010 (RM3.213 billion), while passenger revenue registered a 9% growth of RM2.086 billion, compared to RM1.912 billion for 2Q2010. The airline’s aggressive and consistent cost control measures also yielded positive results, with a 2% reduction in non-fuel related expenses for 2Q2011, compared to the same quarter for 2010. Fuel costs, however, continued to have the greatest impact to the group’s operations, increasing by 41% from RM1.102 billion for 2Q2010, to RM1.550b for 2Q2011. The Board of Malaysia Airlines does not anticipate to make a profit for the 2nd half of 2011, although the anticipated losses will not be as severe as the first half of 2011. Moving forward The Board has identified immediate priorities to focus on in the short term. Firstly, the Board will focus on putting in place strong leadership to steer MAS, and are proactively looking to fill the MD/CEO and key senior management positions. Working with the new Executive Committee (‘EXCO’) formed two weeks ago, recovery initiatives will be implemented to turn the company’s fortunes around and to start rebuilding cash reserves. Immediate initiatives will include, amongst others, better capacity management; the implementation of dynamic pricing to improve yields and revenues; a review of products and brand positioning; and a review of Firefly’s business to focus on its turbo-prop operations out of Subang and to realign the Firefly jet business to focus on providing regional premium services. For the longer term, the EXCO will look into establishing a strategic plan to chart the airline’s course back to sustainable profitability. As a result of the Collaboration Agreement signed by Malaysian Airline System Berhad and AirAsia Berhad and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd. A Joint Collaboration Committee (‘JCC’) was formed on 9 August 2011, to look into key areas for collaboration to realise synergies and cost efforts. The JCC shall deliver more detailed terms of the collaboration, manifested in separate detailed agreements, whilst ensuring full compliance with anti-trust regulations. This will also contribute to shape the medium and long term direction of the company. MAS will continue with its re-fleeting exercise to strengthen its competitive edge by further enhancing its product and services. The multi-year fleet renewal programme has commenced with the delivery of five new B737-800 aircraft and five new A330- 300 aircraft as at mid August 2011. The first new A330 freighter will be delivered in September 2011. There will be six more aircraft deliveries in 2011 (two B737-800, two A330 Freighters and two ATR72). Beyond 2011, MAS has a firm order of thirtyeight B737-800s, ten A330s, six A380s and two A330 Freighters. The aircraft delivery will gather pace in the next few years. The financing activities for 2012 deliveries have commenced in earnest. For remaining of the year, IATA reported that the outlook of the airline industry remains bearish with fuel prices remaining high, fears of sovereign debt crisis in Europe and the possibility of a recessionary outlook for the United States. MAS current forward booking profile indicates key challenges for the Europe, US and Japan regions, with normal forward booking trend for other major regional destinations. Issued by: Media Relations Unit/Communications Division, Malaysia Airlines, Subang -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For media enquiries, please contact: Anbarasu.S Email : anbarasu.sundram@malaysiaairlines.com Phone : 03 78404485 Mobile : 019 2224952
  5. It's time to get A380 into the service. MAS has a flexibility to use A380 to London/Sydney/Paris or any other destinations that MAS consider breakeven. Even A380 can be use for hajj flights next year. Infact, Emirates already has been deployed A380 from Dubai to Jeddah. I already check out Emirates A380 on 24th October 2011 and it seems Emirates deployed 2 A380's to Jeddah from Dubai. EK805 and EK803 eventhough Emirates already deployed 1 A332 for hajj flights only (EK2727). [Economy Class already sold out on EK805 and EK803].
  6. KUL - ICN (Korean Air), ICN - ATL (Korean Air), ATL - SJU (Delta Air)
  7. Thanks for your clarification. I just wanted to recall about the first episode either about Birgenair Flight 301 or Turkish Flight 1951 that was onair last week (11pm). Which one? If I'm not mistaken, it was Birgenair Flight 301.
  8. Correct if I'm wrong, the latest season will be onair on NGC Asia at 11pm every Tuesday. In fact, it's true some old episodes will be repeated on Wednesday 10am and also 4pm. By the way, is there anyone can clarify regarding about latest season for Air Crash Investigation that is currently inprogress to be onair on NGC Asia? I'm quite confuse either 9th or 10th season. But NGC Asia did informed that it is season 9 on the channel branding and also in TV schedule. "Air Crash Investigation 9"
  9. I just wonder, correct me if I'm wrong the latest seasons is 9 and not 11. http://natgeotv.com/asia TV Schedule said that it's Air Crash Investigations 9.
  10. If A380 delivery delays, MAS can improved and also have a lot of times on designing aircraft interior. Due to delays by Airbus itself, MAS still received compensations. By the way, our economy is still in recovering. I'm very shock that the delays happened after 1 month of MOU signing between MAS and Airbus regarding A330. The first new A330 will be delivered on 2011 while the first A380 on 2012. So far only 6 orders were confirmed for A380. http://www.airbus.com/en/presscentre/pressreleases/pressreleases_items/2010_03_31_a330_malaysia_airlines.html
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