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  1. Here's what i got from my recent Tokyo trip with CX.. CX509 : NRT - HKG B-HNM Mind the thing on the left Taken from the Last row of the front section of Economy Class of B-HNK onboard CX 721 HKG-KUL
  2. Taken last 4 Dec at around 7.30am before boarding to LGK .. the weather was horrible.. Sorry for the quality though.. can't get a better view.. Picture courtesy of my bro
  3. Nice pic,Samuel!.. 9M-MMI ? i was on MMI yesterday on my way back from LGK to KUL onbord MH 1471!..
  4. oh..Thank you hakan for the explanation.Now i understand and thanks to all for your time explaining.
  5. MH 2631 did not fly on Wednesday i think.. maybe an aircraft upgrade for MH 68?? ... thx for the info,Samuel..
  6. Great! any chance for me to get the Haagen Dazs on my MH 2608 flight bound for BKI on this 18th Dec ?? anyway,the fruit cake Doesn't taste really nice. just FAir as im not a fan of fruitcake too.. but seriously i can tell,it is AWFUL.I was served the fruit cake on my flight to Jakarta last january..
  7. Thx for ur explanation,Khaled and Wilson!. This is what i think.. During climbing,the nose pitches up and the back section goes down..that's why for those who sits at the back also feel the same feeling i felt.. Just my 2cents... don't know if it's true..
  8. Nice catch!love the CX OneWorld!
  9. Azfar Arif


    Hi there. A newbie here.I always want to ask this question. You see,right after the aircraft rotates,And the landing gear is up,i have this one feeling that we 'fall' a few metres. Can anyone explain to me? I have that feeling if i seat one of the back row of the aircraft.Sometimes it scares me. Well.i hope you guys can explain. Regards
  10. i think it's MH 2617 ( the return journey to KUL) ... it departed and it returned back to BKI .. or maybe it's MH 68 from Kuala Lumpur which came a bit late. The next flight arriving fr Kuala Lumpur yesterday(25nov) is at 7:55PM ..
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