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  1. Great shot bro! Those hornet were clean from external tanks & were carrying the practice sidewinder(indicated by blue color)..erm probably mean that they were practising dogfighting with each other!hehe
  2. Holy cow!!! good job Fitri!!!! argh...what a rare birds that u captured!!! RAAF was the only country in this world still operating this beast perhap until 2020.
  3. hehe naim..I take that pic approx 1 week before the accident at KCH..
  4. this is my personal survey for my personal theses..hehe
  5. Hi Guys! If you all got 10 minutes of free times..feel free to answers my simple questionnaires regarding of Baggage Handling System at KLIA. here the link http://www.surveyconsole.com/console/TakeSurvey?id=186760 your cooperations will be deeply appreciated!!!
  6. Hawk 100 = 1 Hawk 208 = 2 definitely wrong! real figures 1xhawk 208 crashed at Labuan during final approach(latest accident,last year)-pilot killed 1xhawk 208 crashed at Gua Musang during low level bombing session-pilot killed 1xhawk 108 crashed near Butterworth AB after collided with other Hawk-pilot survived 1xhawk 108 crashed at Tanjung Sepat,Kuantan,reason still unknown-both pilots die 1xhawk 108 skidded Labuan AB during takeoff(a/c write-off)-pilot survived so total attrition 2X Hawk 208 3X Hawk 108 what left to RMAF 16X Hawk 208 7X Hawk 108
  7. Yup..Transmile was the main operator at the SZB right now.No major upgrade work currently on the pipeline.But,for a next few months,there will be a some maintainance works(eg painting back the treshold,runway,taxiway,replacing lights,etc)
  8. Raj..there is only 1 Pelangi's Fokker at Subang.The one that you said has been moved to the Terminal 3 recently.. together with the 2 Dornier 228..
  9. she were picking up a bunch of army generals for tour to USS Ronald Reagan somewhere near Natuna Island.Yup..It's fokker,in non-flyable condition..waiting for somebody to buy it according to my realiable source..hehe
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