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  1. 9M-LCD.. oh yea I remember her. Btw Mr. Prestley, I really appreciate it if you could share the location where you shot these from.
  2. Here is the latest update of upcoming activities for KCH/WBGG. Keep them coming sir. http://www.theborneopost.com/2016/07/14/taiwanese-airline-may-fly-direct-to-kuching-soon/
  3. ..sharing a balik kampung shots of 9M-MSI..wishing all MW members Eid Mubarak 2016, Selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin..
  4. ..some images of 9M-LCD before she turns Batik Malaysia, to complement the discussion
  5. From the article, it seems they are looking into a direct flight between KCH and TPE. Lets just hope this would materialised then we could see EVA or CAL in KCH. Only this time, give us spotters justice by not coming in the wee hour
  6. Aiseiman..surely they could have hired some professional graphic designer to design a special font for 'Batik' rather than just use standard brush font right from the drop bar.. and the tail design is more songket than batik.. this is just plain ad-hoc
  7. Can't get my eyes to sleep after Fajr so I decided to go early morning shooting purposely for HX. Finally at exactly 06.30hr 18 June 2016, B-LPL as flight HX716 showed up making her way to R25. Lighting was not great because of the light drizzle hence some touch up in photoshop.. just to share.
  8. Hi Christopher, where do you actually shot these from, mind sharing? Btw and as always, great images bro..
  9. Just thought of sharing the usual routine in KCH, captured before my flight to KUL recently
  10. A recent visit to Muzium Kapalselam Melaka (Submarine museum) with the kids was a pleasant surprise when we were greeted by two very beautiful examples of well maintained retired RMAF F5E (M29-01) and A4 (M32-14). Located just a few meter next to SMD Ouessant (Agusta 70 class submarine), the old fighters sit under an airbase hanger style shade. The F5E is missing her ejection seat though, probably sent for restoration somewhere. Just RM3 per head, the visit was worthwhile.
  11. Hey guys, anyone of you caught this? Damned too early don't you think http://www.theborneopost.com/2016/05/29/kuching-welcomes-first-hk-flight/
  12. Salam and hi , I plan to go spotting here and around KLIA in a day or two, I would really appreciate it if any of you guys could mark the exact location in Google map for KLIA spots. This will be my first at KLIA, thank you.
  13. Oops..blind me, read it wrongly, AK5211 Yup.. that is the one I'll be on from KUL on Saturday, AK8672. Nice catch Prestley..
  14. ..umm wait a minute, on board Wi-Fi. This is interesting, I will be on AK5206 to KUL this coming Monday..lets see how good the service is.
  15. Hey you guys are awesome, perhaps we can get together sometime. Btw what is the best time to get beautiful shots like these?
  16. Hi Christopher, do you mind sharing with the secret to your crystal clear and razor sharp images, perhaps some exif data especially for those images with heavy overcast. And where did you shoot MSG from, top of a bus? Great photos, thanks for sharing.
  17. Looks like the lady is too ambitious. Perhaps she should fulfill her commitment to Kelantan FA by paying their players salary first before thinking of investing in a broke airline company. She seems to desperately want attention.
  18. Yeah, I know how it felt shooting in the rain especially if you didn't bring the rain cover. You tend to worry too much about your camera and lens getting wet. That was how I caught M30-09. Nice shot of XXT though.
  19. Yup, absolutely, as long as not with our local airlines. Anyway UO looks really nice https://thedesignair.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/lift-hke-left.jpg
  20. Peak time or increased passenger rate at KCH prompted AK to use their wide body for this route? Great achievement for KCH/WBGG, lets just hope that AK will continue use their wide bodies on this route, perhaps their newly ordered A350 next. Mr. Prestley and Chris, can't wait to see your shots of the highly anticipated HX on April 26.
  21. She looks nice, however personally the retro livery is more suitable on MXA. Apparently they have dropped Putrajaya. Btw anybody knows what route she is going to fly?
  22. So it is not just to KCH, RN has suspended its entire operation to all destinations effective immediately. Source: http://www.mstar.com.my/berita/berita-semasa/2016/04/09/rayani-air-gantung-operasi/
  23. After the management denial of operation suspension a few days ago, now it is confirmed that operation to all destinations has been suspended with immediate effect. Source: http://www.mstar.com.my/berita/berita-semasa/2016/04/09/rayani-air-gantung-operasi/
  24. Asean Summit 2016 logo on 9M-MXJ.. too bad MAB seems to neglect cleanliness on every plane
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