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  1. West Malaysia KUL (old/new) SZB JHB PEN KUA LGK East Malaysia BKI SDK KCH BTU (old/new) LBU Asean CGK DPS BDO BKK HKT SIN Asia HKG TPE CAN NRT ICN Middle East DOH AMM MED JED Europe LHR MAN ABZ DUB North America LAX
  2. From my memories :- DC10 - Subang, Narita, Honolulu, LAX 743 & 742 - Subang, Narita, LAX 744 - Subang/KLIA, Taipei, LAX & extend to Mexico City 772 - KLIA, Narita, LAX Just check with KE website - The price for LAX on their A380's is way cheaper than SQ, CX or MH. Its tough to see MH not doing LAX anymore, there goes the glory days back in the 80's & 90's.......
  3. Was there in 2011 and believe it or not i remember it being the same TBIT the last time i was there which was back in 1996. Same smell and everything and it's like dejavu all over again. Back in 1996 we still use Subang and now we have KLIA and TBIT in 2011 have not change a bit. This refresh is a must for LAX
  4. Thank you for the great coverage of the Dugong. Happy for MH for being the first Of the 8th A380 operator to have it on a new livery. Whereby others maintain the same.
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