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  1. HiiiDDUUUUpppppp MAS...fly with TF onboard don't give any revenue...buang karan je...huhuhuhu HiiiDDUUUUpppppp MAS...fly with TF onboard don't give any revenue...buang karan je...huhuhuhu
  2. ++Hot inflight meal not light box meal and MAS Louge at KLIA if at KLIA/KCH/BKI..heheheheheh....demanding if they try to increase fuel surcharge....
  3. Sad to hear that... with oldest 9M-MDK first reveneu flight took off on March 1982 while "youngest" in operation begin in May 1992..this flight not only ferry human but animal as weel..chicken is the most "lucky" animal get on board perhaps, with Twin Otter..some of rural resident even bring TONG GAS...hehehehe...that is the scenario on Rural Air Service (RAS)...most of them use twin otter as best option get connected with outside world.. one day i hope i'll fly to highland of Bario(BBN) or Bakalalan(BKM) or others rural place suc as Long Akah (LKH),Long Banga(LBP),Long Lellang(LGL) and Long Seridan(ODN);all in Sarawak, with twin otter before MASwings start to replace it... with Datuk Idris Jala as "tour guide" perhaps..hehehehehe
  4. it sound not fair to passenger who using MAS frequently. with vehicle fuel price rocking and now MAS say they will increase the surcharge..huhuhu...this news will make people at AirAsia smile more wider and last statement by CEO of AK, they will not increase any surcharge instead offer more new regional route..if it will implement soon, i believe Malaysian will chose AK flight for domestic and regional flightt even MAS offer "EVERY DAY LOW FARE" + "5 STAR AIRLINE" but it not sound nice for our pocket money "Rakyat" just can't accept any price increase either service or goods after the government announce oil price increase...small and medium income group feel the burden...as cooperate sector, i believe they able to absorb any price increase for short while... oil price will increase for sure but not same time most price increase,it make rakyat hurt....
  5. well guys...it true from what saw,the combination of colour look suit for A330 because the seat configuration 2-4-2..it look more colurfull..it just temporary perhaps before MAS start to replace with new B737-800NG..and it comes with much better colour and much comfort to seat.. Just give some area to MAS management to do something and prove that they start to compete with their rival after "silent" with financial crisis.. Sabarlah ea...hehehehehe
  6. Even for the first hour of the show have been show before but the second 1 hour was great.. to watch SIA A380 cabin layout from the documentary and some pictures from A.net were great and marvelous man made marvel.. I'm start counting day till 2011 to see with my own eye the A380 Saga again with MAS full livery....hope MAS able design much better cabin layout to compete with SIA and others airlines.. ..
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