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  1. Very easy to answer your question, there's nothing to see and do in Kch,
  2. What!?? Ridiculously Boring that's what RB stands for now
  3. Talk about all that is wasted building the white elephant airport...
  4. How come all flights to Kch generally get's axed ??? Very upsetting statistic!
  5. Don't have to see see, just come, I need you to cover me hahahaha..
  6. If this were in Malas-ia, we would have been one citizen short, knowing what 3rd world mentality our govt has
  7. Every time I see this plane, it's a love hate feeling
  8. Oh I do hope they do shop for an aircraft carrier that does not come with arrester hooks and cattapults....
  9. Only one active lazy spotter in Kch now...
  10. Sam, why your shots always make my eye open wide wide?!!!
  11. Three Eggty Three Eggty Thee Eggty!!!
  12. I thought this was taken somewhere else hahaha..miss home!!
  13. That is rather normal in Australian airport
  14. I am going to get that book here in Perth, he he he he he.... for my small/big business time killer
  15. So I reckon the new bus terminal will be an excellent place to do some plane spotting?
  16. With Mas current state, it is more likely to follow Royal Brunei Airlines footstep..
  17. It is for satelite tv if not mistaken. But reception is sometimes intermittent, they provide pax with astro like channels minus the tahikerbau channels.
  18. ...... Oooppsss.. Run........!!!
  19. Bro, autumn is already here, it's just the summer that's a bit stubborn
  20. Wow.. welcome to the spotting realm. You should try taking photo's from the spectator viewing area after 2pm.. the sun will side you instead of the morning back lit. =)
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