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  1. Will he take over the 6 A380 from MAS and start routes from Kuching to Europe, California and Sydney?
  2. "subsidised" dont mean that government takes the whole loss! Normally an airport or an region pays a fixed price for every passengers on a new route...lets say ( just for example ) 30RM. So if the yield is lower than expected, it could be really possible that AirAsia makes still a loss. Dont forget, they reduced from daily to just 4 times a week first.
  3. With 75% load it was one of the worst AirAsia-Routes in the whole network! I think i had read articles with "almost full flights"... Once again, if Tony had make money with that route then it will not be canx!
  4. Thai AirAsia ChiangMai - Hanoi from 4/7 new daily ChiangMai - Taipeh from 4/7 new 6/7 from April
  5. Have Malindo meanwhile a Crewbase at Denpasar for the routes to Australia? I think that will make the operation really expensive!
  6. AirAsia Kuala Lumpur - Jakarta from 5x daily new 6x daily from march ( plus 4x daily Indonesia AirAsia ) Kuala Lumpur - Guangzhou from 21/7 new 24/7 from march
  7. Airbus A320 -216 8746 JA03DJ AirAsia Japan delivery 13-14feb19 TLS-DWC-UTP-NGO ex F-WWBB source; skyliner
  8. Thai AirAsia Bangkok DMK - Nha Trang 4/7 from 1st May
  9. Bad article, no recherche! "although this route is also operated by AirAsia on a four-times weekly basis" AirAsia is flying this route 32 times a week!
  10. Today Kota Kinabalu-Base 9M-AFW 0525 KUL 1145 KUL 2320 SZX 9M-AFV 0600 SBW 1005 MFM 2110 KMG 9M-AGT 0600 BTU 0915 TWU 1200 SDK 1435 SIN 2030 TWU 9M-AHL 0610 TPE 1355 KUL 2005 KCH 9M-AJN 0610 TWU 0845 SDK 1115 MYY 1505 HGH 9M-AHE 0645 HKG 1335 SDK 1630 HKG 9M-AFT 0735 BWN 1020 SDK 1250 TWU 1530 BTU 1840 SBW 9M-AJI 0830 MYY 1600 TWU 1840 WUH 9M-AFE 0835 SIN 9M-AQY 0900 SZX 1650 SDK 2000 CAN 10 A320 with 9M-AFE more or less as Backup but thats ok when you have a 10 Jets Base.
  11. Airbus A320 -251N 8707 9M-RAL AirAsia delivery 09-10feb19 XFW-ASB-KUL ex D-AUBQ source: skyliner
  12. Bangkok DMK - Brisbane 4/7 from 25th June http://australianaviation.com.au/2019/02/thai-airasia-x-to-serve-brisbane-from-june/
  13. Lets have a look on the operations yesterday! AirAsia had 44 departures yesterday out of Kuching. 44 out of 71 departures the whole day in Kuching, that makes 62%! 15 out of the 44 AirAsia departures were bound to Kuala Lumpur. Ops from the based aircraft: 9M-AFT 0610 BKI 0950 SIN 1340 BKI 1725 BTU 2000 MYY 9M-AQD 0700 BTU 0935 SBW 1145 MYY 1440 JHB 1820 PEN 9M-AHT 0700 SBW 0910 BTU 1145 PNK 1405 BTU 1640 SBW 1930 SIN 9M-AGP 0705 KUL 1125 KUL 1640 MYY 2040 KUL 9M-AGU 0835 MYY 1135 SBW 1345 MYY 1725 SIN 2120 MYY 9M-AFW 1050 TWU 1550 BKI 1935 KUL
  14. Really? How deep you wanna fall? Looks like the parent company meanwhile have some serious problems: https://centreforaviation.com/analysis/reports/lion-group-fleet-slowing-aircraft-deliveries-a-good-strategy-456693 But maybe Malindo will get some old Lion 737-Birds...
  15. Uncle Tony have 6 A320 based in Kuching..you wanna change to some MASWings ATR?
  16. They started 28th October. But as i wrote....yields were sooooo deep. And Malindo was faster to cancel Subang-Silangit ;-) Philippines AirAsia Kalibo - Taipeh 4/7 from 28th march
  17. Five years..no profits but mother in Indonesia pays all. Im sure he is talking about Thai Lion..
  18. From 23th january now they wanna start 2nd march...
  19. KUL-Silangit will be canx end of February. Malindo canx Silangit some weeks ago.
  20. So far a rumour, but Tony twitterted that too last week when he visited the headquarter from Jet Blue in New York. So maybe AirAsia X to LAX and / or SFO and from there further on Codehare or Interlining with Jet Blue to New York, Boston and Florida.
  21. Airbus A320 -216 3000 RP-C8949 Philippines AirAsia posn 29jan19 KUL-MNL after transfer ex 9M-AFP Source: skyliner
  22. Once again..."load 100pc" dont mean the route is profitable. I think around 90pc of the passengers are from China....if the chinese tour operators dont get a good price then they dont take again some seats. Btw....first the route was daily....then reduction to 4/7.....
  23. AirAsia Kuala Lumpur - Can Tho 4/7 from 8th April Thai AirAsia Bangkok DMK - Can Tho 3/7 from 2nd May
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