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  1. Insider info Takeoff config warning on takeoff role. Captain aborted takeoff. *LNJ* : Aircraft skidded off runway at KTM (20 APR 2018) - Door 2R escape slide deployed. - No.2 main wheel burst. - Rescue team deployed, rescue flight activated (OD182D/181D STD KUL: 1640LT). - Preliminary inspection carried out, no visible damage on critical areas. - Fuselage inspection 100%completed as of 22 APR 2018. - All effected main wheel replaced. - FDR received, sent via OD183 ATA KUL : 2200LT on 21 APR 2018. Awaiting update. - Further investigation found speed brake handle movement does not engage switch. - Speed brake micro switch adjustment carried out found satisfactory . - Pending recommendation report from ES to Boeing /QA and CAAM for final clearance . *ETS* : TBA (upon aircraft evaluation)
  2. Sorry I couldnt get in but here goes 😂😁🙌
  3. Does anyone know whether this plane going to takeoff today for any flight test? I want the closest photo from Hangar 1 in SZB. ..
  4. To be honest, I work with the B737-400 that destined for the RayaniAir. They actually are still in refurbishing progress. To the matter of fact, it is Mas who causes the problem. After the workforce cut down, they lack of engineers that can actually make the aircraft airworthy. So give this new airline a good perspective. Like an old saying, the fall of a monster is the rise of few little monster. We see FlyMojo, Rayani and few more to come rises from this fall down of Mas. It is actually very good for our Aviation industry and also for us, logically, more airline, more competition, more competition, more discounts. I know some people compare same scenario as AirAsia first came into service and beat Mas down, but that was because Mas sat in the comfort zone for too much and forgot to strengthen their base in this country. So let's be a lil positive, delay is not caused by the airline. Think of ANA on 787 commencing into service delay when you think its an airline fault when there's delay. Sorry for the long expression. This is just opinion and anyone who think this is wrong, do let me know. Pardon grammar error too. ;(
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