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  1. There are buses from LCCT to MTB and vice versa. last time i took it (september 07) the fare was rm1.50 per pax, around 20-30 minutes via roads near bunga raya complex.
  2. hi.. i have suggestions, how about flying to kota kinabalu or kuching. AK has direct flight from the cities to Macau. You can spend your time in Kuching or KK. KK is a nice city. i had went to Macau thru KK and i found that its cheaper than from KL. For sure la, KK is nearer, but its good if you want Xtra experience. expect HK as NY and london, public transportation are very efficient, but some people are rude. going to CGK use AK saja lor, thats the best choice if money matters. If not, better you check for Kuwait, they have good price too. im new in MW, and love in aviation.
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