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    Commercial planes and photography, movies , Liverpool and Middlesborough , English classics songs.
  1. From what I heard , they are planning to open a restaurant there just beside Swensens !
  2. This is what I heard from a reliable source. It's not comfirmed yet but it is definately bad news for photographers and a news that outraged many of us. I will keep you guys updated. I really hope they reconsider.
  3. Yes , no problem. If they can fly to SIN , no problem with KUL. I wonder how the load factor be like on it's first flight. I remembered Transaero first flight to SIN was not very encouraging . POB for SIN-SVO flight was only 11 passengers including the flight crews for a 763. !
  4. That is certainly good news, the last time i flew on MH's A333, I felt quite uncomfortable with the old seats and feedback to the flight attendent, I am glad they are doing something about it now.
  5. Well , actually at certain angles I agree with you.
  6. Have a great trip , do post some photos if you can.
  7. Very rarely flys to Singapore. If they do , normally the 742F will turn up. Ohh yes, talking about that, when I was in AMS , I saw no MartinAir's 742F at the cargo hanger, are they based elsewhere ?
  8. Thanks Pieter, I have more LEY photos to come , it was my first aviation musuem trip and a brilliant one. Pity the weather wasn't co-operating that day.
  9. Not trying to plug my photos but, to show you some of my favourite photos posted on airliners.net . Enjoy ! KLM DC-2 Kenya Boeing 777 Cathay Pacific 747-400 Air France B777-300ER Qantas B747-400ER <-- Some of you guys wish to see this plane in KUL.
  10. Hey Jonathan , great phtoos ! Remember to let me know when you are coming over !
  11. My answer is to try it out yourself, then you can really comment on the comfort. But looking at the photos, it doesn't look like First Class.
  12. Hi Pieter Maybe back to AMS next year on SQ or hopefully EK ?
  13. Hi Pieter I am waiting for Emirates to start flights to AMS !!
  14. Hi guys, I didn't know of this forum until Jonthan told me about it ! I am looking forward to contribute more in this forum then the previous forums I been involved in. Cheers Charles
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