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  1. These pictures were shot on the same day as Tiger Airways' inaugural flight to WBKK on 1st March 2009. Happy viewing. LeeJH
  2. Sam Last Sunday there was some excavating work going on right across the road near the entrance of the main road leading to Jalan Selangor. Most probably they were laying underground pipes. I expect it to be finished before this coming Sunday. Watch out for Jet Star & Tiger Airways arrivals. See you there. LeeJH
  3. BC Tham I understand there is another way to get to the 3rd beach, though I have yet to use it. From the road leading to T2, there is a side road in front of the dewan ( hall ) near the rugby field. It cuts through the government housing exiting to Jalan Selangor. It's worth a try. LeeJH
  4. continuing..... Passengers disembark to a warm welcome of colourful troupe of traditonal warriors and officials. After unloading and loading, it was time for its return trip. Taxiing to Rwy 02 Taking off from Rwy 02 That's all for now. I will endeavour another attempt this coming Sunday from another angle, that is, along Jalan Selangor before turning into the 3rd beach with the new terminal building as its backdrop. Until then I hope all MW members do enjoy from our WBKK spotters' contributions.
  5. continuing...... Water-cannon truck standing by after a brief trial exercise. The first burst of showering. Increasing its intensity. to be continued.....
  6. These sequential photos were shot directly opposite Terminal 2 during Tiger Airways' inaugural flight to KKIA. I was positioned too far from the touchdown spot so I waited it to taxi nearer for a decent shot. Taxing past Layang-Layang Aerospace hangar. Turning into Terminal 2 Asymmetrically positioned. Water-cannon truck eagerly awaiting TR's entry. to be continued....
  7. ...continuing...last part.... AK A320 rotates ...and climbs away... ..to its intended destination. A Dragon Air plane approaches to land on rwy 20. The ever friendly MAB security personnel. A 6 foot ladder comes in handy while spotting. General view of spotting area at Jln Bunga Raya. That's all for now. Thanks for viewing. LeeJH
  8. ...continuing.... F50 descends to land on rwy 02. Entering taxiway Charlie. Spinning propellers. Close-up view of F50. On its way to T1. AK A320 just landed on rwy 20. Applying differential brakes. AK A320 makes a 180 degrees turn to T2. to be continued....
  9. ..continuing.... MH B734 taking off. A bottom-up view of MH B734 MasWings' Twin Otter DHC6 taxing on taxiway Charlie.... ..For a rwy 20 take-off roll. Twin Otter climbs away. A bottom-up view of the Twin Otter. MasWings' F50 almost touches down. to be continued...
  10. A short morning spotting session yesterday. BI A320. The new Control Tower at Jalan Bunga Raya. The old and new T1 buildings. Which one of the following is the fastest? A bird? A car? or A plane? Whatever happens to her nose? Taxiing to T1. Taxiing to rwy 20 which was active for today's take-offs and landings. to be continued...
  11. here is she, B-KGV edit: wonder why she activate the reverse-thrust even when she is taxiing. her style? and she is back-tracking for rwy20 departure after come out from T2 nice winglet special rim btw, something unusual for today, almost whole day also rwy20 active. anyone got the NOTAM? she again. when having lunch with Kenenth, and later join by Waiping and his wife (ya, nice to meet you), i got this few shots. for Pieter, Sneeze and Ewan. for this office user. Sam As always. you have these beautiful shots, so clean and SHARP!!!. Hope to catch Indonesia AirAsia one day. Thanks for sharing. LeeJH
  12. Uncle Pieter C Thank you for the clarification on Fokker F28. Definitely some of these aircraft need some make-over. Hopefully in times to come, we may be able to find new spotting areas to replace those removed. Will keep members posted on this. LeeJH Kianhong, Yes, that's the one. Bought it online from www.shashinki.com. So far I am not able to get any sharp image. Is that what you mean by "appear soft "? Will keep on experimenting till it burns out..hahahahaha. Thanks for the tips. LeeJH
  13. Ian Lim Just love those close-up shots. I hope to do that \"style\" in the near future. I appreciate the \"reference\" offered. Ignatius, Thanks for sharing. So far I have never seen a Heliconia at WBKK. Hope to nail it one day. With your picture postings ( and also from other spotters from all over ), I hope to learn some photo techniques. Thank you. LeeJH
  14. Sam Yes, I got my new Canon lens 70-300mm last Monday and tried it out the next day. Till now I am still trying to get the feel of it. Will try some close-up shots for future assignments. As Ignatius mentioned earlier, this extra 100mm makes not much difference. Moer, Not "hardcore". Just practicing. I may have the QUANTITY but definitely not the QUALITY. Sam,Ignatius, BC Tam, Desmond C Appreciate your kind comments. Hope to produce better results as I go along. LeeJH
  15. ...continuing...last part..... Front view shot of F50. Port ( left ) view of F50's engine. AK A320 taxis to rwy 02 for take off. AK A320 rolling on rwy 02. A helicopter comes in to land. AK "AMAZING" prepares for the return leg while a bird takes off on its own. AK "AMAZING" taxiing to end of rwy 02. AK "AMAZING" rolls away on rwy 02. AK B733 rotates on rwy 02. That's all for now. Thank you for viewing. LeeJH BC Tam I really appreciate the correction. I need to do some research before posting. Thanks once again. LeeJH
  16. ...continuing..... Rear side view of F28. F28 rolling on rwy 02. A Lear jet takes off..... ..and flies away. MasWings' F50 comes in to land on rwy 02. and touches down. F50 taxiing its way to T1. To be continued....
  17. ....continuing some recent shots.... Taxiing back to new T1. Captain gives his thumb up. Wondering who he is. Close-up view of port (left) engine. .... Fokker 28 on taxiway...... ......to rwy 02 for take-off. Close-up view of F28. to be continued.....
  18. Sharing some recent shots. Latest development on the old T1 site. AK "AMAZING" descending on rwy 02. AK "AMAZING" touches down. Next comes MH B734 descending on rwy 02 MH B734 touches down. To be continued.....
  19. Sam It's alright. Hope to meet up Khaled and Ewan some other time. Still trying to figure out my toy through experimenting on all types of settings, especially on aperture and shutter priorities. And thanks for the useful tips. LeeJH Uncle Pieter C Yes, it was quite a number on that morning but was spotting too far away at Jalan Bunga Raya where the new control tower was located. Hopefully I am able to get better close-up shots when I go to the spotting area directly opposite T2 which is in front of Airport View Hotel. From where these bizzers come from, I am clueless. Maybe some other spotters are able to shed some light on it. Appreciate your naming some aircraft types. LeeJH
  20. continuing...... Korean Air's pallets MH B734 push-back Closer view of the push-back. Awaiting for taxi clearance. Taxiing to active runway...... ..for take off from rwy 20..... ..under the watchful eyes of these birds... to be continued.... continuing..... getting airborne and with positive rate of climb, flies away. A just landed MH B734 taxis to T1. View directly opposite spotting area. That's all for now. Thanks for viewing. LeeJH
  21. This morning I went spotting with Sam, Meor and Isaac, the latter I met for the first time. Nice to meet them all. Latest development on the new KKIA T1. Major scaffoldings removed. First Officer is busy with his pre-flight checklists while....... The baggage handler is busy loading up. MasWings' F50 push-back. F50 taxiing to active runway. To be continued....Streamyx connection sulks!!!!
  22. Uncle Pieter C With Sam and Meor providing guidance, I hope to get better in photo techniques. So credit goes to both if them. LeeJH
  23. ...continuing.... That's all for now. Feel free to comment. LeeJH
  24. Ignatius Unfortunately it is too heavy for my wallet...Lack of vitamin $$$. Too bad this teleconverter will not fit to the new lens. Just have to make do with whatever I have and improve on the techniques, of which I need guidance from all you "sifus". This morning I went spotting with Sam and Meor both of whom I met for the first time. All pics are on airplanes' rotation and climb. ...to be continued.....
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