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  1. This is old news - a week old. Nothing firmed up yet, still being planned. This possible policy change is probably holding up orders to replace MH's 734 and F50.
  2. Gavin - you made a BIG SIN!! That was a Vietnam A321 - NOT a 757.
  3. The travel channel program was prob. catered for those beer-drinking sun-worshipping masses. After one or two visits, it does not deserve another visit. The airport terminal is nice but very crowded during peak hours. The duty free shopping is largely exaggerated - nothing more than a hyped-up glossy-packages-beautiful-pictures-brochure supermarket wannabe with some small departmental store sections. Changi seems a lot better....way better. The new extensions to the terminal will add much needed space, with its check-in and arrivals/ baggage claim located underground. But this is still work in progress. Spotting wise, you get some exotics with many good locations to spot from, like in the old part of DXB, such as Deira where planes are on final approach. Also, Sharjah airport is just down the road with its Russian this and that. Just like EK, DXB Inc. is good in marketing, so be forewarned...
  4. Frankly, I don't think it is like London. Imran may disagree but I think DXB lacks a soul, lacks culture - it is trying to be like Singapore when it's not. DXB seems to cater to those largely beer-drinking sun-worshipping masses. All the infra, somehow felt quite fake, like a movie set. Hardly any locals. I'm actually quite bored of that place. You may visit it once or twice just to check the place out, but I found Saudi, Yemen and Oman to be a lot more interesting places.
  5. PEN yes, but KUL not suspended. You explicitly stated KUL was suspended.
  6. What makes you say that the route is suspended? Doesn't seem to be.
  7. Seems to me to be a legacy issue and a rectification to keep up with times. The EU has moved on since then where borders are fast "disappearing".
  8. Northen summer as opposed to Southern winter in the lower hemisphere. Northen summer generally means Apr-Oct, with peak travel months July-August. Don't know about LH's 346 though.
  9. To cater for the growing demand during this northern summer season in the Gulf region, MH has, on a per week basis, one extra 744 service to JED, 1 extra 330 to DXB and I believe 3 or 4 extra 772 service to DXB. I think these are for months July-August.
  10. Congratulations are in order for the effort to create an alternative forum on the Msian aviation scene. As for suggestions, well...since this word will appear quite a number of times in this site, you can start by dropping the "s" in the spelling of "aircrafts" on the gallery section's main page. The plural is simply "aircraft". All the best.
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