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  1. MAG did do this not too long ago. Until it was killed by vested interests who saw the threat to their own empire...
  2. MH used its A380 (-MNF) as cargo flights to/from LHR a few days ago. But why the A380 instead of the 359, given the very similar underfloor cargo capacity, but with the 359 costing less to operate the route? Did MH also use the 380 cabin extensively for bulk but light cargo?
  3. When side payments only benefit the private interests of only the significant shareholders of AAB, AAX - then minority shareholders of AAB and AAX were screwed. It would have been above board if the Caterham F1 setup is legally part of the AAB and AAX group. Now that could have been a legit offset.
  4. Probably fairly healthy but terrible yields. Inaugurals like this is usually full of journalists and travel agency reps and the like.
  5. They no longer do this for MH613-616, as the crew had complained about fatigue and potential safety issues.
  6. SQ already has had some sporadic 772 operated services on certain days, I think the flight (SQ112?) in between SQ106 and SQ116. But lately, these became 333 operated.
  7. A double sided BoB leaflet offering biscuits, kitkat, maggi cup noodles, one coffee in a can beverage, etc with price ranging from RM4-RM9 each item thereabouts, and available for sale on certain flights. Not unlike what you may see available for sale on FY flights.
  8. Thats not uncommon, as flex Y is, well, flex and is useful for the biz traveller who can only expense Y but needs flexibility as opposed to a restricted RBD-Z fare with an almost use-or-lose it offering.
  9. You only get to save penalty fees by buying economy flex, which should have more than just 4 seats available! You were looking at the wrong row and column.
  10. By paying a bit more, you get to pay less penalty fees should you change your mind and decide to stay home after all ... and if you buy 10 of such tickets, you could potentially save RM1500! is that so difficult to comprehend???
  11. Many folks seemed to be confused about the real issue. It is not about unmanned immigration counters or lengthy period to clear arrival immigration but the lack of space at KLIA2 for orderly queues and the lack of space at KLIA2 for more immigration counters - which is the issue for MAHB to address if they do actually recognise it as an issue. That arrival hall is one big mess, as if nobody at MAHB had realised that there is a need for passengers to clear immigration to enter the country.
  12. So there was an SQ A380 at KUL taken care of by MH’s MRO unit.
  13. Was there an SQ 380 at the distant remote bay (near 14R/ 32L) at KUL today, 16-Oct? Couldnt be a weather diversion as it was late morning/ early afternoon and it was bright and sunny then.
  14. Recall FlyAsianExpress anyone? A ruse just to get an AOC if u ask me. A second ruse is being baked.
  15. It looks like the 332. As per Air Berlins original setup, the front rows of Y have extra legroom.
  16. The wifi installation was publicly announced by MH many weeks ago. If only MH maintains the interior of its A330s like KA/ CX .... those two fly some of the oldest A330s (and 772/ 773s) around but the average pax wont be able to tell as the cabin upkeep is so good.
  17. -MTY too I believe. The other 4 leased 332 have different biz seats and configuration.
  18. - whats wrong with the main landing gear of -MTZ? - I hope with the wifi installation, some (or much!) attention should also be given to cabin upkeep. The Y cabin interior, galley walls, the fixtures in the lavatories, seats require some repairs, refreshing or replacement (of broken parts). Very poorly maintained so far.
  19. -MTY has a similar interior with -MTZ. Will it spend time in the hangar later too for the same modifications?
  20. KUL did have GST on many things airside.
  21. Changi airside has no GST to begin with.
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