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  1. Well this is what you get when the people you count on to make things happen still bear that "tidak apa" attitude.. If this don't get to your nerve, try visiting Penang's airport (new wing area). You will find "wonderful" things like leaking roof, ridiculous partitions, bla bla... But sincerely, back to this topic, a shortened runway is really so uncalled for.. Haven't they consider all these "mishaps" before even launching the airport? Well according to this report, one thing for sure is that Mohd.Ali will not be chairing his meeting on a wheelchair!! Cold joke... hehehe... (psst...I'm back)
  2. My dear Irni, what are you doing up so late? Neway, prayers will go out to them..
  3. My dear pilots, I have seen countless cases where ground staffs really testing out captains' ability of decision making. Here are a few examples: 1. A child with chicken pox, day 10, dried, having doctor's letter stating she is fit to fly. 2. A lady on the 36th week of pregnancy, having doctor's letter stating she is able to travel by air. 3. An infant, 5 days old, yet doctor gives written green light to travel by air. and the list goes on... cases with proof to deny SOPs. My question is this. What would a pilot/captain take into consideration in order to answer these queries? Would it make any difference if it's a short sector? Would you let any of these passengers onboard your flight? It's 3am & i'm sleepy, this is as far as my question goes, for now. Hope i could be enlightened by some kind souls here. Victor
  4. Heard the news from Hitz.fm this evening, same story, except for the part where they said "No one was at home at that time"..
  5. This clearly defines the word "IRRESPONSIBLE".. I mean for the drunk case of course.. Hmm.. Dozing off ya.. Interesting.. I wonder, what happens if they continued sleeping, then fuel runs out.. remember Helios' crash? terrible..
  6. Sorry Don, missed out on your post. erm, how did it go? well, i assume? mine, till now, nil update. not even a reject mail or watsoever. i wonder how did the rest fare.. victor
  7. Oh, so that is the story, they arrived late & was refused check-in, nothing to do with boarding gate la. Fair enough for late comers, don't you think? That means the timing they reported refers to the time for check-in counter closed & time departed. Then, it's correct lor...
  8. My bet on this, have confirmed with colleagues, the gate for D7 closes 30mins before dept time. Printed clearly on boarding pass.
  9. Definitely the press put in the wrong timing. AK or D7 flights practices this: Boarding gate closes 10 mins before flight. What i beleive the scenerio is this: They were not at the gate during boarding time & when they decide to stroll to the departure gate, our friends just realised that they have got offloaded. 10 mins before STD, capt will call for Annex17 & these passengers with their luggages will be offloaded. They have to do that to keep their time in schedule & i don't think there is any problem with that. We practice that all the time. I sincerely agree with an earlier reply, these 6% of them have no excuse to blame the company as 94% have boarded the acft.Victor I beleive Guest Support will not actually reply to any complaints when what the pax is complaining is stated clearly in the T&C. Eg: AK free baggage allowance:15kg, 1kg excess, we charge. I beleive they will receive hundreds of this similiar complaint daily, but this is what the company practices, so understand the T&C, if one is too lazy to read, ask the staffs. We no longer have the free waiver for baggage, it's all bout the money, yeh!!Victor
  10. So, any candidates from MWings? I know I'm trying, any1 joining me? haha, 1st SQ, then AK now MH.. Just hope 1 of them goes through... Hahaha.. Good Luck to those applying... Victor
  11. Can't wait to fly.. Hehehe.. Bought myself a box of Koko Crunch, came with a free gift of Simulator, quite fun. haha!! Just wondering guys, anyone can drop me at my friend's house at Petaling Jaya after the events (23rd)? Just asking, just in case some1 stays nearby.. Hehe.. See ya all!! Cheers! Victor
  12. Sorry sorry for the very late reply!!! 23rd is ok but the briefing, erm i think i have to skip coz i'm travelling from PEN.. So, see u guys on 23rd!! Thanks a lot Capt Nik!! Victor
  13. Capt, Is it too late to register myself? I just came back from holidays, juz saw this.. Pls? 1 more slot? Any day will be perfect for me. Regards, Victor
  14. Bosses, sorry have been real busy lately.. Still no news on my side. One of my fried already got a reject mail, while another had actually went for the second round in SIN, failed.. Myself, everyday, first thing in the morning check mail, still no news.. Dunno what else to do except pray.. haha. How bout the rest? Any1 got any news? Gud Luck ya! Rber to mail or post if there r any update k??!! Victor
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