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  1. It seems to me that MAS has already up its fare on the ex-London flights! I noted their latest special offer to South East Asia is £465+tax, this is more than £100 expensive than their last year's sale. This makes them one of the most expensive airlines to South East Asia. I am so surprised that MAS has increased its fare so dramatically without even realising that people will switch to other airlines for a cheaper fare?! Now a Singapore Airlines ticket is about £75 cheaper (almost RM500) and Emirates £125 (RM800!)
  2. sorry i know this is a malaysian website, but does anyone know when is the new SQ 777-300ER will be in service? I wonder if they will replace their ageing 744's with this new aircraft on the SIN-Europe flights? (particularly SIN-LHR run). Many Thanks :-)
  3. I flew KCH-KUL once on A330 back in 1998 (at the peak of economy crisis) - there were only 2 pax on board including myself. My most recent flight with light load is in September SIN-KCH on Silkair's A319. There were only approx 35 passenger in the economy class section. Business class was about half full though :-)
  4. Issac It should be 55,000 miles for F and 45,000 miles for C. I am not too sure if MAS has F service between KUL and BKI. Most flights are operated by B734 and A330 so there will be no F cabin.
  5. The Fokker 50 also do the KCH-MYY run, journey time is 1hr 20mins, but you get sandwich, biscuits and coffee during flight If you choose to fly a B734 you only get a glass of juice, but you'll get there 20mins earlier. If I got a choice I will definitely go for the F50s. I only flew turbo props once, Athens-Santorini with Olympic Aviation, I think it was a ATR42. The feeling is quite different from flying on a jet.
  6. Regarding internet access. There are a few free internet outlets in the Satellite building, I used them when I was transitting at KLIA in May this year. Connection is a bit funny but I can't complain much since it is free I am a Kuchingnite and use Kuching Airport everytime I came home. The toilets are most of the time very very dirty, even in the departure hall... Toilets in KLIA is slightly better, but for an International Airport, they should be kept sparkling clean all the time like Changi.
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