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  1. I flew from Miri to KL yesterday on MH, they actually served hot meal (tomoto rice with chicken OR butter rice with chicken) with the meal box. Has MH finally decided to do away with the cold salad and rojak?
  2. I was on flight to Miri from KLIA yesterday, to my surprise there were choices of chicken or tuna sandwich, and in addition to that, rojak salad was added to the mealbox Nevertheless, still a MEALBOX!
  3. I go to MAS Enrich Customer Service Center to claim my missing miles rather than sending the request form together with original boarding pass via mail. The staff entered the missing miles on the spot and they returned the original boarding pass to me (and they don't bother to keep the photocopy that I prepared for them).
  4. Hi Kenn, I did my KUL/AMS upgrade (C to F) at KLIA. I called 2 days before my departure and they told me that they can only put me on waitlist, even though there are available seats. I asked when I check-in at KLIA, the check-in staff told me to go to MAS ticketing office and within 10 minutes, I got my upgrade. Yeah, I am holding Enrich Gold, so that may help?! No harm trying
  5. I think it is a mix of biz and tourist. I have been flying KUL-->AMS at least twice a year and I always meet my collegues on the same flight, mostly on biz trip (I am working with one Dutch Oil and Gas company .... think you know which one I mean). Biz class is usually at least 70% full, and usually packed during weekend. On the other hand, economy is usually filled with europeans, with a few Malaysian (can count with 10 fingers). I think most Malaysian, if travel to Europe for tour, will opt for other airlines like SriLanka, Emirates, Qatar coz cheaper and I think they don't normally fly into AMS to start their journey. When are you going LAX? My collegue travel frequently on that route using MH and he said it is usually quite full, a number of occasions the company has to book him on 1st class.
  6. Again, another upgrade from biz to first, last Saturday, on my way back from Amsterdam to KL due to overbooked in biz . This time, surprisingly they served caviar , as one of the appetizer. 4 choices of appetizer and main course, but every time when come to me, only 2 options left (coz I sat at 4D, the FA started taking order from row 1). Fantastic service and very comfortable seat + BIG TV screen. Totally full flight, from 1st to economy, not a single empty seat. I will be very surprised if MAS not making profit out of this route?
  7. Just tried upgrade from C to F using Enrich miles for KUL --> AMS. Yes they do provide pyjamas but no cavair and no cheese plate. In fact, the meal is not much different from C . Good thing is the bed, real lie-flat bed and very comfortable .
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