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  1. So which info is correct? A333 for all flights or will it have 1 772 and 1 333? for ex SYD?
  2. Hi Guys, I understand that MH is now flying A333 between SYD and KUL. However when I put in a dummy booking for March 2014 there is a flight daily that has the 777-200??? Have they changed their minds again? Cheers, K.
  3. Dissapointed it does not include Australia to KL vv ...
  4. Very sad that SYD doesn't get the A380. I think the 777 will be gone too later this year and only have the A333?
  5. They will flick the switch @ 12am Feb 1st 2013 hopefully
  6. Ok thanks. It's a dilemma for me as I have never tried the new A330 J for MH but I have tried the B772 J a few times...
  7. Ok so if it's between the A330 and B772 for SYD-KUL-SYD, which would you take? I love the seat pitch of the 772 but is the A330 better overall? Will be travelling in J with wife and a toddler.
  8. Thanks Josh. Hopefully one day I wll get the chance to try out the A380 F or even J. I don't have any plans to go to LHR or CDG anytime soon...Mostly KUL.
  9. Hi Josh, Have you tried the new J on the A380 and if ye show does it compare to the previous J on the 772/747? Also I have tried the F on the 747 and liked it even though it is old now, how does that compare to the new F if you had the chance to try both? And lastly does the new MH F A380 have caviar on the menu Cheers, K.
  10. Where did you hear this magic date?
  11. Very sad for SYD only to have B772 and A330 in March 2013.... Between these 2 I will choose 772 due to the seat pitch in J. But very sad to see no F
  12. I'm surprised they are using the A380 for CDG instead of SYD?
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