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  1. It was taken 9:40p.m., wow the nose lift up quite rare...
  2. Here are some picture of it, departed yesterday night at 2200 Arrive in the late 6pm Setting up for departure.... That all, there are still more coming up, ENJOY~~~
  3. Tomorrow ETA 1745 from Sydney MASkargo B744F http://mhcargosch.ccnexchange.com/schedulev2/MHScheduleReply.asp?check_day=1&S_Year=13&country_name_ori=Sydney+%28SYD%29&country_name_des=Kota+Kinabalu+%28BKI%29&r_day=day&S_month=May&S_day=28&transporttype=All&go2=Submit
  4. Scheduled Ilyushin IL-76 departing 1500-1530 Happy Spotting
  5. Well heard that the IL-76 will depart tomorrow but timing still unconfirmed...><
  6. yes, will arrive as BI829 ETA2210 Friday and overnight at BKI...
  7. SATURDAY, 26 JANUARY 2013 RBA BI822, ETD 0850 B772 Happy Spotting to all...... Regards, Samuel
  8. Great Shot Alvin....haha XD and thx for the HK info
  9. MAS borrow AK's plane haha XD
  10. Anyone notice Brunei sultan flight A340-300 just now around 12:50pm ??? Just saw it flew above...
  11. Great catch of the Sharklets plane mike !!!
  12. thanks Alvin !!!! yea it is, quite a year....
  13. Shot were taken on 22 December as MH7402 upgraded to B772...was a surprise when saw this... That all...hope you all enjoyed..... Wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR, also have a joyous day !!!!! Regards, Samuel
  14. Great....nice one !!!! Great to see MAS bring back they's old spirit...
  15. great shot mike.....charter flight ???
  16. ok..thank a lot but the bus stop got fencing right ???
  17. Hi all PEN spotter.....i'm from BKI...I would like to ask PEN most used runway is rwy04 or rwy22, and the bus stop is it a best view for spot ??? thanks
  18. Some Slideshow.....of a MASkargo A332F take off....
  19. Hi all....(testing testing)...cause I cant post anything since two month ago , hope this post work....these photo are some of my spotting pic, ENJOY !!!!! Night shot of a VIP jet Twin Otter 9M-MDL A quick off before heavy rain.....RP-C6319Caterham F1 Team livery...... enjoy.....thank !!!!!
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