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  1. Some catch today.... Cheers... Happy Chinese New Year !!!!
  2. One last picture to close this BKI/WBKK 2014 topic.......... MH8505 from Sapporo.... pushing back as MH8616 to KUL....
  3. The info of Transair.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans_Executive_Airlines
  4. 9M-MUD currently grounded at BKI since yesterday....not sure what's the problem
  5. Some pictures to share with all... 9M-MRP arrived as MH2616... Size comparison between Triple and cessna Shots taken today... Transair B732F arrived 9 Nov and departed to Hawaii via Guam,,, That's all from me...Enjoy Cheers !!!
  6. Some pic taken few days ago... Enjoy...
  7. Great update for BKI, here are some of my pic to share with you all Shot on 5 Nov V8-DLA.... 9M-MRB operate as MH8261 from Jeddah (Haji flight) Oh here's the video of the RBA B787 take off (5 Nov-V8-DLA) That all from me...enjoy !!!
  8. Today Haji flight from Jeddah, ETA 1700 local time
  9. Samuel Chy, they did on 9th Nov as BI825/BI826 refer here...http://www.flyroyalbrunei.com/787-dreamliner-flight-schedule/
  10. A surprise visitor from AKL....
  11. Some shot got today... Any idea about that thing deployed under tail ?? Safety for tail strike ?? That all..enjoy
  12. Also thanks to Alvin for the info about MRC was at Gate A2 Many more pic with post later, Enjoy~~~
  13. Alvin MRC later then departed 2350 as MH426 to Hong Kong...welcome hehe
  14. Alif : Yeap that pic was shot at Bukit Vor
  15. Last minute equipment upgrade to T7 today...arrive around 5pm Backlit... That all for it...enjoy
  16. MYA finally active today, just now took off as MH3095...
  17. Here the video of the Mas b772 take off night.... quite too dark >< Enjoy...
  18. Saturday and Sunday MH2640 equipment upgrade to B772... Too bad weather wasn't good Cheers...
  19. Some shot of last few weeks... That all for it....enjoy
  20. Yo, hi there....nope i'm not work with MAHB...lolx i'm still young XD I took this at the terminal one there, there is a fence and behind the fence that it, all the planes parked at there.... Here's how it looks like....
  21. Just went some night spot yesterday......but really night spotting kill my sleeping time Dragonair equipment upgrade to A333 B-HLE Asiana Airlines B763, was expecting this at bay 2......but who knows end up as a troll Eastar Jet B738---HL8289 That all from my updates....enjoy
  22. Here are video recorded of the MASkargo pushback and taxi....enjoys
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