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  1. I'll miss Seats 14A and F

    Was on the 737-400 on MH1058 from JHB to KUL on the 13 June

    Now let's hope MAS will return the leased 737-800 with BSI.

    I prefer the old 737-400 compared to them.

    Even the seat pitch on the 737-400 is better than the current 737-800 with and without BSI.

  2. What i have understood so far is,


    1. To take over mas majority share, you have to be a Malaysian company.

    Etihad and Petron are not.

    2. The government will not help out MAS financially.

    3. Any reboot with government inteference will fail.

    4. AirAsia was booted out by the unions earlier, so, no chance here.

    5. Sell off MRO is not liked by unions. And they have a say, see above.

    6. The unions are there to stay. Whomever takes over has to work with them. You can not wind back that clock.


    As we now know that the PM has said that MAS can not be saved in its present form, we will see a different form being introduced soon.

    Ctrl.alt.del and reformat hard disk is easier said than done, therefore i would not be surpised if te government chooses to apply a strong anti virus and malware program. This to be brought in by an independant Malaysian investor company who is able and willing to put their money were their mouht is. Their own money that is and with the intention that they want to earn it back. They have to bring in qualified aviation management and have constructive talks with the unions.


    The government can then wash their hands from it and step aside.

    Far fetched, yes, you bet it is. Impossible, No. if i was a betting man i would start buying shares now.

    You can not compare Malaysia and its culture with Japan. Bankruptcy will not happen. Privatisation will.

    It's the only chance and the government knows it. They just have to choose the right anti virus software.


    Off topic question, why is there an acting minister of transport and not a full time real one?




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