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  1. If flying the B738 on regional routes is to become a new feature of MH, then the cabin should be reconfigured for that purpose. They should revert to 32" seat pitch and only use sky interior aircraft.

    The current 30" pitch is bearable for around 2 hours flight. More than that, it's quite cramp. Some more the long queues for the toilet.


    I prefer The 777 anytime

  2. Have you tried making a booking on MAS Website? Tried making a booking for KUL - JHB this May and found that the air fare is now RM487.60 one way inclusive of taxes!


    Also tried making a booking for KUL - SDK for May and the fare is RM1,215.85 inclusive of taxes one way.


    This is the MH Flex fare. No other option seem to be available. Well, looks like MAS is trying to increase the price of their ticket. Don't think this will help them reduce the losses with their empty aircraft.

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