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  1. On MH740 to Yangon today. STD was 0910. Waiting in the aircraft for over 1 hour 20 mins. Finally left the gate and waiting to takeoff.

    Captain mentioned congestion at KLIA and KL airspace. Any info about this?

    Seems like many flights delayed for departure.


    It's now 1045 and waiting with 10 other aircraft to take off. Apparently aircraft is also landing in the same runway. At Runway 14R. Strange. Was wondering if a runway is closed.


    It seems you have already decided on QR.

    Well not really. I've flown on Emirates previously from KL to Nigeria and Ghana on business. That time I was on the A380 from KUL to DBX. That was nice. However the A340 was lousy from Dubai to Accra. On the way back flew on the 773 and was disappointed with the inclined seats unlike the A380. Dubai airport was extremely busy too with the Business Class lounge very busy.

    So I was thinking if QR is better or the same. Only thing is I'm not sure about the Doha airport.

    if it's not worse, I'll try Qatar.


    QR A320 IFE's selection is similar to their widebody and J-class seat is similar to A333.

    So The A320 from QR ia ok? EK is A330 from Dubai to Entebbe. I guess that on Business for either is ok?

    Only reason why I'm considering Qatar is because of the frequent flyer points that can be credited into Enrich.

    Price for both is about the same. Connection time also almost similar with Qatar slightly shorter

  4. Would like your comments on Qatar Airways vs Emirates. Any comments. I'll be making a trip to Uganda from Kuala Lumpur and the options I have is to fly Emirates or Qatar.

    Will be flying on Business Class and I'm inclined to go for Qatar as it is a One World Member and my points can be credited to my Enrich account. Your advise and opinion is greatly appreciated.

  5. Just a question to all Enrich Gold members. If you are at Bangkok Survarnabhumi Airport, which airport lounge would you recommend?

    From the One World Lounge Access, there are the following:-

    British Airways Lounge

    Cathay Pacific Lounge

    Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge

    Louis Tavern First / Business Lounge - For Malaysia Airlines operated by 3rd party.


    Which lounge would you recommend and are the lounge accessible with Enrich Gold if I am travelling on Economy? First time in Bangkok after so many years and am not sure of which lounge.



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