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  1. Was told by Malaysia Airlines that they are problems

    with the web browsers and currently the only one compatible is Internet Explorer.

    That's why I have errors using Safari while browsing. However the app is fine.

    They hope to sort this problem soon.

  2. My 80 yr old father and 75 year old mum flew back from Singapore to KL on OD806 at 9.30 pm on 18 Feb 2016. The flight was on scheduled and my mum and dad has high praise for the Malindo cabin crew.


    While on board, my dad was feeling cold and requested for a blanket. The cabin crew immediately attended to him bringing 2 blankets and kept checking on him during the flight that he was comfortable.


    In addition, they even took the trouble to serve hot tea for him eventhough it was not the usual thing to do on such a short flight.


    Overall a very good experience and kudos to Malindo.


    They are all* accessible for MH J pax, and Enrich Gold.


    * CX Wing J, CX Pier J, CX (more like KA) G16, CX Cabin, CX Bridge, as well as QF J.




    Basically the only ones off limits are CX Wing First and CX Pier First - for which you need an F ticket, MH Platinum or OW Emerald.

    Thanks Suzanne for your info. Since Plaza Premium is the default lounge for Malaysia Airlines that would be very convenient as I will be meeting another person there.

    Would go to the CX lounge if I did not have to meet up with someone there.


    It is not about safety issue as 4 cabin crew meets the legal requirement but more of service and standard issue

    What I meant is if a crew is sick on the flight , Then you will only have 3 Working Crew. In addition the return leg of the flight may be affected.


    When I was travelling just recently even the MAS cabin crew had expressed their concerns. This has happened before. When this happens i.e. Crew is ill, no inflight services.

  5. I've also noticed the reduction in crew. Was on J on flight to Yangon recently with around 7 in J. 1 crew served us while the other crew in J assisted the 2 in Y class which was full.


    Spoke to the cabin crew and they themselves find this thing and they hope that none of the crew is ill and unfit during their flight.


    Apparently there were time where one crew was ill and Y class had only one cabin crew for the return flight.


    Hope MAS take note of this which can be a safety issue.

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