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  1. Rare visitors arrived on 30th Nov after the 28th ASEAN Armies Rifle Meet (AARM) concluded a day before at the Terendak Army Camp. TNI-AU Lockheed L100-30 Hercules Myanmar Air Force Fokker 70
  2. Surprise to see UR-MSJ parked in the hangar beside the terminal. Anyone know why it is in the town?
  3. There are 3 x PC7MKII and a CN235M at the apron, anyone know any special event is coming?
  4. The PLAAF are here for joint army exercise with M'sia army.
  5. Love the Atlas. : ) This week alone it came at least twice.
  6. RIP. BTW, do anyone know which plane she was piloting while performing at LIMA 2015? At least 1 of the online portal mentioned she is piloting aircraft no.9, But check back the photos taken at LIMA 2015 I do not see aircraft no.9.
  7. Hope they really make a return.
  8. Thanks for correcting me. Never know they have 2 supporting Hercules.
  9. Thanks for the sharing. Never know that the special scheme is only applied to 1 side of the Hercules.
  10. Awesome shots guys!~ How I wish the fly past did happens on last Friday.
  11. Me personally think for Malaysia side, the sharing of the information is seriously lagging. I believe that the change in plan for 14-oct fly past can be communicated to the public at much earlier time rather than just 1 hour before the schedule.
  12. Do anyone know is the South China Airlines inaugural flight to MKZ on 29-Sep still valid?
  13. Saw a TUDM's A400M landing at MKZ moment ago at 1:30PM, not sure is it the 1st time. : )
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