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  1. Yes, very true what you said but an airline who is able to spend hundred thousands of Euros painting their aircrafts in three different schemes within 2 years (remember all the DBA B737s and Fokker 100s) doesn't really care about ferry costs from Germany to Malaysia - even if it's not rational... Speaking of ferry flights, the Airbus A330-300 is scheduled to leave : 03-May-20008 D-AERK A330-300 LT1F SZB-DUS 06:00-19:00 (Times are UTC). greets Tamon
  2. Hi guys, yes it is Air Berlin's best (and only) option at the moment. In DUS the hangar is blocked by construction works and regular maintenance works, so to have an A330-300 for C-Check would take too much space in the hangar... To my knowledge LTU can only do maintenance works in DUS, not in MUC, where the second base is. The plane, D-AERK, is expected to enter service on Mai 8th again, flying PEK-DUS. greets Tamon
  3. Hi all, some infos from DUS/EDDL for you Kuala Lumpur guys. Air Berlin (LTU) will be flying three Airbus A330-300s to Subang for C-Checks. The first one is expected this week. Here's the schedule for the first one. Times are UTC! 02.April 2008 : LT1F DUS-SZB 10:00-22:15 D-AERK greets from DUS, Tamon
  4. Hi Pieter, sure I can do that No Russian contacts were needed as the tour was organized and guided by Geroge Pick Travel. They did a good job organising ramp access and flights in Moscow and Nizhni Novgorod. Will post some pics later, greets Tamon
  5. yes last and first name are japanese and I am half japanese as well. greets from Germany Tamon
  6. Hi Pieter, good idea and good destinations but I did 10 days BKK in March already and I doubt that I could get so much new stuff there again... meanwhile I compared the hotel rates at KUL with HKG and at KUL they seem to be much lower which is good for me...a poor student from Germany will try to decide next week...thanks so far ! greets Tamon
  7. Hi Norman and Pieter, thanks alot for the informations. This sounds indeed very good, I will decide to come or not in the next weeks, still can't decide if I chose KUL or HKG...It would be very nice to catch up with you guys at KUL, so I guess the best time to come would be on a weekend ? thanks and greets from Germany Tamon Takeoka
  8. Hi guys, I am new in this board and I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tamon Takeoka, I am from Germany and I am 22 years of age. I am planing a visit to KUL possibly in September flying in from Japan. Lots of nice pics can be seen on Airliners and I thought about flying there. I have a few questions before I decide to come, would be pleased if you guys can help me out ! 1) Traffic amount during daytime. Comparable to SIN,HKG or BKK ? Chance to see the Hibiscus and blue 777 during daytime ? 2) Cargo movements during daytime? 3) Spotting officially allowed or not ? 4) Chances of getting sent away from the known spots - any consequences similar to Dubai ? 5) two runways - meaning both used for landings and takeoffs or seperated ? these would be some of the questions, thanks in advance for answers and many greets from DUS in Germany greets Tamon Takeoka p.s. my pics at A.net in case you would like to "check" who I am... http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.sear...20AirTeamImages
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