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  1. @ Ikman, I posted some details here - http://www.malaysianwings.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=14457&st=760 msn 39320 ln 3690, will test as BOE130 on trackers.
  2. 9M-FFF now sched to deliver to the customer on 28 June. Hopefully it will use a MAS callsign so you can see it on the trackers. If it flies with FFM callsign it won't show up on the trackers as that identifier is not unfiltered. Roll out at RNT should have been yesterday (3rd) and first flight planned for 16th.
  3. I have no idea. I have no knowledge nor interest in that stuff, only the raw airframe and customer data. Isn't FireFly an offshoot of MAS? If so then it makes sense to swap the aircraft around to suit each operation's requirements at a given time.
  4. Hi all, New MAS B738 9M-MLK (39320) now won't be happening and instead will be going to FireFly as 9M-FFF. No delivery date set for it yet but expect its arrival in the next couple of months.
  5. Hi all, Would anyone happen to know which Firefly aircraft operated FY528/7 KUL-BKI-KUL on Monday 30th please? It wasn't 9M-FFA, B or C. I see from Radzi's pic online that 9M-FFD is now in service but apparently deployed on JHB-KCH route only. That only leaves the B734 9M-FZA but the BKI flight is supposed to be a B738. Have they acquired a 5th B738 ? ? ? Thanks.
  6. RobK

    BKI 2011

    Hi BKI spotters. I was wondering if someone would be able to note the registrations for the 2x RMF C130S currently enroute from SZB please? Should be landing in around 1 hour. Callsign for 2nd one is RMF467. Think first one could be M30-16? Thanks.
  7. 9M-MXD now has delivery date loaded for 15 March.
  8. Thanks Hoe Jyh, and also Sir Ramani K.
  9. Hi folks, bit on a long shot due to the time it visits, but does anyone happen to know the registration for the Air Macau flight on Friday 4 March please? Also looking for the registration of the one on Friday 11 Feb as well. It arrives at 5.50am and leaves an hour later but is sometimes delayed. Hope someone can help, thanks!
  10. Sorry to dig up an old thread, but does anyone know what aircraft type was flying SINTAR 05 from Borneo to the Peninsular yesterday (Sat) please? Even better if anyone can provide the registration! I didn't catch the destination given unfortunately. Thanks.
  11. 9M-MXE should indeed read 9M-MXD. Typo from my source. Thanks for pointing out Roj.
  12. To Hoe and Daniel, thanks a lot for the info on the Seair!
  13. Good point. Could be a typo or they could be missing out MXD. I've raised the question with my source so stand by pls.
  14. Hello, The next 737 is 9M-MLJ 737-8FZ 39319 and is due to deliver on 2 March. Expect 9M-MXE to deliver mid to late March, but no date set yet.
  15. Hi SIN spotters. Has anyone seen Seair's latest addition, the former Tiger A319 9V-TRB? It was in service for them on the regular SRQ7796 flight to SIN on 8 Feb but I can't find any info on its new Philippine registration. Has it actually been registered in Philippines yet or is it flying for Seair still as 9V-TRB? I know their first one ex 9V-TRA is now registered as RP-C4319. Hope someone can help. Thanks.
  16. Just listening to the HF box and Singapore working MAS2662, AXM5182, RBA874 giving them all re-routing after OLKIT via M759 G580 due to gun fire at Kinabalu?! Sounds serious.
  17. Maybe of interest to KUL spotters, just heard MEM4092 on HF with Singapore, reporting OLKIT which is just off the Brunei coast. Flight gave routing as Brunei to KUL. MEM is Meridian Airlines of the Ukraine, so probably an Antonov of some description. Usually takes about 1:30 from OLKIT to KUL airport so 1330-1500 local I expect it to arrive, depending on what speed it's flying at.
  18. Does anyone have registration info on these planes being scrapped please? I see TF-ARH in one of the pics on this thread - what is the current status of that one and when did it arrive? What are the registrations of the 2 that have been scrapped so far and what are the registrations of the 3 lined up in the other picture? Information on these is impossible to come by in other parts of the world so if you locals have some intel do share please. While on the subject of 747s, what is the current status of TF-ATZ which has last reported as stored at Subang? Thanks.
  19. More leased birds are coming. Fresh from Boeing : YF129 39319 9M-MLJ 737-8FZ Babcock & Brown/Malaysian Airlines YF130 39320 9M-MLK 737-8FZ Babcock & Brown/Malaysian Airlines And just looking at January delivery schedule there are none planned for MAS.
  20. Hi all, Sorry for the lack of updates, been rather busy. 9M-MXC delivered on 16 Dec. 9M-MLI is due to hand over to MAS today 22 Dec, on lease from BBAM. May leave BFI today but more likely tomorrow.
  21. Thanks guys, appreciate it. Now, who knows what the REG was?
  22. I did consider Sriwijaya but I've heard that one before and sounded pretty much as it's spelt, whereas this one sounds more like Suiz Air to me! Is Sriwijaya pronounced "Suiz Air" then? You guys know the airwaves in that area better than me so I'll go with what you say!
  23. Hi Geoff, thanks. That one did occur to me but it definitely sounds more like Suiz than Susi. Worked out the destination given is Batam. Here is the audio download link if you can have a listen for me (930kb): http://www.sendspace.com/file/rxgjgp (download button at bottom of page, ignore ad). What do you reckon folks? Susi Air or something else? Thanks .
  24. Hi all, Noted working Singapore HF yesterday 30th at 1430 local was "Suiz Air 8860" climbing out of Natuna/Ranai (NTX) through FL110 to FL240. Didn't manage to catch the destination unfortunately. "Suiz Air" is my best guess but can't find any airline with this name. Does anyone have any ideas what/who they are and what aircraft they operate please? Thanks!
  25. Do you know which 2 these are please? And what is the status/whereabouts of the other 2? Tks.
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